TwitBoxSL - a Twitter Client for Second Life

Please note the following

  1. This item used to be known simply as "Twitterbox" - however, to comply with the relevant Trademark Guidelines, the name has been changed as of Monday 3 January 2011 so as not to incorporate the word "Twitter". Hence is now called "TwitBoxSL".

  2. This is a little academic anyway as it does not currently work anyway. It has not been updated to use the OAuth system and may well never be. I do not distribute it in SL any more and anyone who does is doing so without my authorisation. The following contents are for the purposes of interest only.

What is TwitBoxSL?

As it says above, TwitBoxSL is an object which enables one to post to and receive updates from Twitter, when inside Second Life. If you are not familiar with either of those I might suggest, sir or madam, that you click the previous links to further educate yourself.

What would one use it for? All sorts of random chatterings and such, but I myself find it particularly useful for marking the positions of interesting things that I find on the Grid, due to its particularly easy method of marking a SLURL for one's current location. Explorers may find this handy - I might mention here the Not Possible IRL group as an example.

How to use a TwitBoxSL

Please do read the full instruction page....

2011-01-03: as noted above, these are for reference purposes.

Suggestions and Further Reading

If you have any suggestions for possible enhancements, or comments generally, please go to the following entry:

All of my Journal entries about Twitter can be found by looking for the Twitter category.

For those interested in developing their own Twitter toys and applications, I recommend the Twitter Development Talk Google Group, which also contains API documentation.

Scripts and Code

...can be found here.

2011-01-03: please note that these do not work any more and the code is for reference purposes only, unless I update the system at some point.

Miscellaneous Things

All code is by Ordinal Malaprop.

My Twittername is ordinal, in case you are ever interested in seeing even more of my meaningless meanderings.

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