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Forward sector avatar intersect
Ordinal Malaprop 2006-09-22
Killer Money Tree
This is sort of satire, but I suppose could be fun.
Push alert script - beta
This is designed to alert you to being pushed more than 50m in one second. It then gives you the option to teleport back, tells you who was around the area that you left, and tells you if you were hit by scripted objects and who they were owned by.
Advanced chat relay script
Ordinal Malaprop 2006-03-14
Autoban from area if under a certain age in months
Ordinal Malaprop 2006-06-13
Camera control rocket script
Rezzes a rocket, fires it off, has the firer's camera follow the rocket. No remote control of rocket as yet but that would be possible.
Day-night check action script
Performs different actions when it becomes light or dark, checking every minute.
Float text client
Put this script into client objects - they can be emailed with the correct password as the subject and they will change their float text
Float text server
Put this in a prim and put a notecard in the prim. The first line of the notecard will be sent out to all registered clients whenever it changes. You'll need to rez this and get its key to put into the client script before you put out the client objects.
Login Greeter script
Provides a record for your chat log of your logging in and out, and at what times this occurs.
For when you know you really should be doing something else, but you just couldn't help but log on, just for five minutes, honest.
Personal Following Device
Ordinal Malaprop 2006-10-01 (or something like that)
Simple chat relay script
Ordinal Malaprop 2006-03-14
Trigger animation on attach
Just starts an animation when you attach an object, and stops it when you detach it.

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