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A new Product of Limited Cleverness

I feel obliged to mention the existence of a new version of one of the Free Devices that I provide which has proven to be of Enormous Popularity. Really, it is not a complex thing, but may be of use to some.

A new Giver of Free Things

Upon the suggestion of Ms Ariel Miranda, I added the ability for the "Freebie Giver" to display an Illustration of the particular "Freebie" that is being dispensed.

A Momentous Day (For Some)

Well, it seems that "Voice" is present across the Grid now, at least for those who care to Download the newest Viewer, and it is on as standard across Caledon.

On OnRez and Baccarat

A couple of events have recently caught my somewhat bloodshot Eye, and from that particular organ made their way slowly along my Nerves and Sinews towards the Fingers, from whence they now emerge in the form of Words. As the First and Briefest Matter, the Electric Sheep have demolished their previous Aethernet Establishment "SL Boutique", and in its place now stands "shop.onrez.com".

A few Notes upon Combatative Systems

Some time ago, I made some concerted enquiries regarding the two major systems that are used for "Role Playing" upon the Grid, with the intention of writing a piece in my Journal on the subject, with special attention to the interests of Gunsmiths.

Seventy-Seven Million Paintings

As a very tardy note of something that I should have mentioned earlier: the Second Life premiere of the exhibition of 77 Million Paintings by Mr Brian Eno is occurring this weekend, and will not be reoccurring as far as I am aware after the end of today.

Locations and links may be found at the special page on blueair.tv. I have been visiting the installations myself and would say that they are certainly worth visiting, if you see this in time.

Wings, Part The First

I have received some very kind compliments regarding the Mechanical Dragonfly Wings that I have been seen to wear in recent days.

An Absolute Outrage

I flatter myself to think that I am at least known as someone of mostly Phlegmatic Temperament, even when peculiarities of Second Life are concerned. I am, I believe, reasonable tolerant of Flaws, even if I will occasionally make squawks of protest; these are mostly due to surprise.

There are some things, however, up with which I will not put.


"Twitterbox say"?

Automated Photography

Whilst I am waiting for the latest working version of the econd Life Client Thing to squeeze itself through the Aethernetical Pipes and plop onto my desk, I suppose that I might as well write a little about my experiments with automated photography, mentioned previously.

It has been said by myself (and, to be fair, others) many times that there is no way for a Script to take a Picture, and this is, speaking strictly literally, true. Scripts cannot take Photographs.

The Ordinal Stiletto

Whilst in the process of trying to prove myself Full Of Nonsense whenever I have, in the past, confidently said "there is no way of taking screenshots via LSL" - there is a way, it merely has to be set up in an awkward fashion first, and what's more, repeated screenshots as a one of the "Life Log" things that have recently been Fashionable are possible as well - I have decided to release one of the items upon which I have been working for some time but never quite got around to finishing: the Ordinal Stiletto.

<a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/ordinal/612729471/" title="P

Scatterbrained Once Again

A perpetual problem of mine is that I am unable to concentrate on one thing for more than about, oh, an afternoon, leading to the unfortunate situation where possible projects and Matters Upon Which To Write flare brightly and then burn out within moments, like phosphorus sparrows. No sooner do I plan to write a Definitive Article upon some subject, which must be Gotten Right, than some new shiny object appears and drives the original one completely away from my attention.

The result of this is that I am rather poor at actually writing anything, as perfectionism restrains me from making an entry on something incomplete, yet I do not have the urge to complete it, and it is only when I reach a level of self-disgust at this that I throw out whatever peculiar half-finished objects that remain in my mind into this Journal, often in the form of Bullet Points. I believe that it was easier in my earlier days, when I was rarely thinking about more than three things at one time.

Enough of this preambling though; I will do my best to clear the decks. The subject of this entry is something that I call the Twitterbomb, though really it isn't much of a bomb, unless one considers very slow-moving fragments that are in any case phantom to be dangerous. This was actually mentioned previously by Nick Wilson writing in Metaversed as he is a proper journalist who investigates things and writes about them, whereas I am no such thing and do not even have a picture of my own creation at the time of writing.

The Twitterbomb, as Mr Wilson says and as I mention in the comment section there, is a device for the Visualisation of timed and differently-authored data; the Twitter friends timeline is the easiest to work with, as it collects data into a single feed, but I suppose RSS feeds and such could be used. There is a central "bomb", which reads in Twitter data via a proxy (a stripped-down version of the Twitterbox one) throws out differently-coloured "fragments" - the angle of movement and colour of these fragments is individual to each different author, thus each person's output is represented by a line of tweets stretching out from the centre. Each fragment's size is proportional to the number of letters in the tweet.

The fragments move outwards at a constant speed, with their distance from the bomb being a function of their age. There is a configurable maximum age, with fragments disappearing once they reach this. (Once rezzed, the fragments are independent, and with a busy friends timeline this could result in an awful lot of prims being around, thus best to use this in a fairly empty lot.)

I confess to not having a specific target to achieve here, but it is a toy that enables one to play with the possibilities of visualising data in Three Dimensional Form. One can look at the fragments produced and see, say, how active an individual is and their "rhythm" by observing the "clumping" and size of clumps produced; a wordy but regular poster will have fat fragments evenly spaced, someone who posts in bursts of short pieces will have thin lines separated by empty space and so on. A particularly significant event for one's friends will be marked by a "shell" of tweets all appearing at the same time and expanding outwards. Changes could certainly be made to the way the fragments are emitted to test different concepts of visualisation.

I say all this, but actually, in practice I have Given Up on the Twitterbomb for the moment - which is likely to mean forever - since Twitter has taken to caching my requests and not giving me recent updates reliably at all. This is odd, since the Twitterbox seems to be working perfectly well, or at least is when both Twitter and SL are working at the same time (a combination of reliabilities that one is not advised to bet one's life or significant bodily organs upon). With this in mind, once I am able to return to the world I shall be sure to post the relevant Code here.

Well, that is over with in any case. Next, something else, I believe.

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