The answer, as expected, was very simple

From the Second Life forums: set the dot to be "temporary when rezzed". Then it doesn't count against your prim limit. Well, that was easy.

To bulk this post out a bit, have a more representative picture (click to enlarge).


In which Suspicions are Raised regarding the Efficiency of Prim Counting

Your correspondent has perhaps become over-impressed with the idea of creating objects that follow one about or spy on one. Scripted objects of reasonable complexity so far consist of:

  • A gun turret which raises an alarm when seeing anyone nearby, and also opens fire on them without even giving twenty seconds to comply;

  • A CCTV camera on a pole which watches passers-by suspiciously, and also takes their names down;

  • Some daft-looking fish in a tank.

In which Ordinal expresses Frustrations regarding Modes of Transport, and hopes for a Bright Future

If there is one thing which has annoyed me more even than people rezzing enormous noisy waterfalls next to my home land before I worked out how to restrict spatialised sound, it has been the telehub experience.

An introduction

Before I write any more I think that I should post a little about myself.

In Second Life I am Ordinal Malaprop, member of the Socialist Party and the Victorian Retrotech Society, birth date 9/9/2005.

First post

How shall I fashion me to wear a cloak? I pray thee, let me feel thy cloak upon me. What letter is this same? What's here? 'To Silvia'! And here an engine fit for my proceeding. I'll be so bold to break the seal for once.

(Two Gentleman Of Verona, Act III Scene I)

It's not meant to mean anything particularly. I could probably dig out some relevance if you like.

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