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The Artemis Shotgun and Kolibri 2.7mm Automatic Pistol

Yes, I am aware that the post where I invited scripting questions remains Unjustly Unanswered, but I would like to quickly announce, with the minimum of Fuss, a pair of Products from Ordinal Industries, the nature of which should really be pretty self-explanatory given their names, and should be even more obvious given the following Auditory/Visual Demonstrations.

For those wishing even more detail, I shall now include, well, a little more Detail.

In Memoriam

Those of us in the Scripting Fellowship, let us never forget https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/WEB-156, and what it entails, both in intention, lack of resolution, and result.

SLXstreet, Product and Faff

It has come to my attention that Linden Lab has recently purchased controlling interests (FAQ, press release) in both "Xstreet" (formerly SLX, and likely to be known as such by Older Residents for quite some time) and "Shop OnRez" (formerly SLBou

Festive Pudding-Hunting Pursuits - a Preliminary

My punctuality remains as dismal as it has always been, but I am determined to release this particular Christmas-Related Product before Christmas.

Some readers may be aware of my "Steel Pigeon Projector", which has been sitting outside my shop practically forever.

Snowball Turretting Commercial Notice

Further snow-related news: I have put out for Open Sale an Automatic Device which fires Snowballs at whomever might be within its range.

The Turret is copiable (so many may be placed) and controllable by the owner either individually by touch, or en masse via a controlling device

News of Updated Snowballery


I have noticed that some seem to be finding the Snowball System that I devised some two years ago now - goodness me! - diverting and entertaining, still; or, at the least, they are using it occasionally.

Bartitsu and the Modern Practicing Thereof

I was of course aware of the scientific school of self-defence known as "Bartitsu", a blend of Jiujitsu, Boxing, Wrestling and fighting with the Cane devised by Mr E. W. Barton-Wright around the turn of the century, and referred to (if misspelt as "baritsu") in the well-known adventures of Sherlock Holmes.

I was not, however, aware that in fact one might learn to practice this Martial Art in the Modern Day.

Attention, Grouped Denizens?

Have you, by any chance, attempted to communicate with a group? Have you, by any chance, had your messages delayed or - ostensibly - refused when attempting to do this? If you have attempted the former you will have experienced the latter. Unaccountable and inexcusable group chat delays.

Personally speaking, I have, and there is frankly no excuse for this, I am sorry. I fear that any attempt to tell me that a message of less than 4096 bytes cannot be distributed because, oh, groups or evil or something or other is going to meet with hollow laughter.

On Short Notice: Everything I Know About LSL, I Have Learnt By Scripting Weapons

I really should have mentioned this before, but, well, I have never been precisely the most Organised of Writers. On the morrow, at 2pm SLT or 10pm Greenwich Mean Time, I shall be the host of a Seminar on the topic of Weaponry, during which I shall be engaging in my usual Unfocussed Chatter regarding Scripting and Design and History and such.


Please do feel free to attend.

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