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Tip jar Tip jar, originally uploaded by Ordinal Malaprop.

I have changed the manner in which my showroom operates.

Leave of absence

My lovely Powerbook has just this afternoon gone in for repair, and may be some time (well, hopefully it will be back before the end of the week). Until then however I will not be Second Living, so don't complain if you need to speak to me and I'm not around.

My last act was to modify the rocket mentioned below so that it fires out submunitions on detonation which themselves detonate in random colours half a second later, providing a rather extensive and messy shower of particles.

Not as hard as I thought

Well, colour me an embarrassed shade of mauve - after lots of faffing about with llSetTorque et cie, I find that llRotLookAt does work with physical objects, it's just that you need rather inflated parameters to get it to do anything.

If we declare

float strength; float damping;

at the top of the script, and set those variables to be

strength = llGetMass()*3; damping = strength/3;

in state_entry(), things work out quite well if we just add the instruction to rotate to set_engine, which now look

A project proceeding

Readers interested in Victoriana, steampunk or just good taste and design might be interested to see the preliminary model of a dedicated steampunk sim that is being planned at this very moment.

Jefferson's sim plan model

This impressive maquette was built by Professor Jefferson Gould and continues to grow every day.

Looking at solutions

Edit: Turning problems detailed in this post have been solved, and some of the conclusions proved incorrect - see above.

One would think that llLookAt and llRotLookAt would be the ideal functions for use with a guided physical projectile that one wishes to have pointing in a certain direction. Certainly, in the wiki, it says "this function works for both physical and non-physical objects".

Does it?

I demand compensation

Two outages within twenty four hours? I am entitled to permanent service from Linden Labs, all day, every day. God dammit, I pay their wages. Haven't they ever heard of customer service?

I demand compensation for this outrage. It just isn't good enough. Linden Labs are a disgrace.

By my command

Here's a script that I could have found very useful recently:

string gKillCode;
string gOwnerEmail = "";

default { on_rez(integer p) { llResetScript(); }

state_entry() { // Generate random kill code // This stops just anyone killing the object // if they get its key // Email this to the owner gKillCode = "" + (string)llRound(llFrand(2000000000)) + ""; llEmail(gOwnerEmail, "Kill object by email", "My kill code is " + gKillCode); // Now set to poll email every five minutes llSetTimerEvent(300.0); }


Physics bridge collapse

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div> Physics bridge collapse 2 Physics bridge collapse 2, originally uploaded by Ordinal Malaprop.

Further observations and a moral dilemma

This post does actually have some scripting content in it - I promise.

Further to previous posts, vandalism has continued, with flames being placed around the Black History Month exhibit, and I have produced what appears to me to be a weapon that is hard or impossible to shield against.

Nazi grief

Last night, more Nazi Drama occurred, with one and then three shaven-headed fellows hovering just outside the SPSL headquarters and basically saying very little, just being there.

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