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Leaves and Twigs

I have been spending far too much time twittering and tumbling like some sort of circus chicken recently, and also far too much time engaged in Aethernet-Related Projects; thus it is my determination to concentrate myself on at least the semblance of performing Work On The Grid.

Let us begin with a forthcoming product, the Ordinal Pepperbox.

New Residents and Enthusiasm

It is surprisingly hard to get New Residents to actually do anything at all for money, I find. Despite the fact that they frequently ask one how to obtain cash, when one asks as Welcome Areas for paid short-term employees (say, to test weapons on) one meets with, well, nothing at all. Ignored or unnoticed.

(as an addendum: er, actually I did not mean to place that particular entry here, but hey ho, it is here now and still quite true.)

A More Complete Transcript

Whilst those of us who were unable to attend the Town Hall Meeting today will no doubt be thankful for the provision of a transcript of questions and answers on the Official Laboratoire Court Circular - and it is, certainly, an informative document - I thought that it might also be appropriate to publish an unedited version including the interventions of attendees, which I was passed just now by Mr Simon Pulford.

Most Dangerous Calendars

Concerns of Lag and Presence have been frustrating me a little when it comes to Building of recent days, but I have been able at least to achieve a few things.

The first is yet another one of my Aethernetical Nonsense Works - a little thing which I call "Eventcal".

The Twitterbadge

Before I dive back into acts of proper engineering within SL (usually located at <0,0,0>) I would quickly like to note one more Twitter-related product - the Twitterbadge.

Twitterbox 0.4

For what it is worth, I have finally gotten around to releasing the latest version of the Twitterbox, which includes a number of new features and is generally a bit more reliable. Of course, at this time the Grid is... well, it is a Wednesday.

If you wish to view a list of changes from the previous version, by all means read on, and do excuse the scrappiness of my list-making.

Now, hopefully, I might be able to work on, you know, a thing, rather than a succession of ephemeral seance devices. Something which exists in its own right, and allows one to do something upon the Grid itself which one previously could not. Alas, the fractious nature of reality is making this just a tad tricky, with some of my best works now appearing foolish and error-ridden, but the time will come I'm sure when events do not just occur in random orders.

Searchation, mappery

A few quick notes:



  • I am informed further regarding the collection and retention of data by the Searching Homunculus by Christian Westbrook-Prior of the Electric Sheep. It seems that, every time the bot enters a sim to do its work in rescanning the contents of that sim, all previously-gathered information is wiped, and the database is then re-populated only with those items which the bot has been told it may index.

  • Searching, Publicity; How Well It Can Work, How Well It Should

    As one with a long term interest in both Automated Information-Collecting Agents and the Analysis of their Data, I was most fascinated to see the arrival of the Sheep Labs Search, created by the Electric Sheep Company. Actually, I was a little startled, as it suddenly arrived without warning on an Easter Monday during which many people are not present, already filled with all sorts of information concerning products.

    Automata and Homonculi

    A quick note on Standards

    As previously mentioned, I have been working on Vehicles for the purposes of Combat, which necessitates some sort of Standard to make sure that one's vehicle is not impervious to, but unable to harm, others (making the whole process of Combat a little pointless).

    Previously I had been working with the Callahan Combat Control (CCC) system, under the impression that (a) it had already been selected as a standard for upcoming conflicts, and (b) that the Terra Combat System (TCS) still required payment.

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