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Ordinal Malaprop's blog

Inaction, deletion

With reference to my previous entry: an instance of a situation which has caused a significant person within SL to stop producing products has come to my attention.

Sculptypaint was a lovely little application written in the Java language, which enabled the production of all sorts of sculpted primitives.

The "Copybot" Word

I have been approached a couple of times recently regarding an "issue" mentioned on the publication known as the "Second Life Herald", on the subject of a "new copybot". (I do not read this publication on a regular basis any more, on account of its tedious hagiography of groups of annoying children; an odd pursuit, not my part to judge I suppose but not in my interests to read, either.)

Let us be clear on a few details in this instance.

Weeping For The Future

I recently received a short missive from my errant brother, Cardinal, which I shall reproduce in its entirety here.


div style="border:1px solid #999; padding: 1em;"> Dear Sister,

I am not ashamed to admit that I have been of very downhearted humour recently, after receiving the news of the latest piece of oppressive Linden Laboratory legislation.

Universal Laws

A brief note, but recent correspondence on the matter of fixing the seemingly terminally useless function llGetFreeMemory has led me to solidify Ordinal's Laws of Changes to LSL Function Behaviour.

1. No matter how hard a set X of scripters tries to think of ways in which function Y is used, set Z of scripters (not intersecting with set X) will be using it in an un-thought-of way, regardless of its apparent triviality and/or broken nature.

1a. Members of set Z will claim that this is a completely obvious use, mandated by the limitations of LSL, and any decent scripter should have heard of it.

2. This use will be claimed to have significant and longstanding commercial history, and the removal of function Y will allegedly break one or more entire product lines, risking mortgages, relationships, lives, the health of kittens etc.

3. Linden Laboratory will be blamed for everything that occurs or does not occur, at length, on forums and blogs and in-world and in letters penned in green ink to the Times.

Further Offensive Advertising Behaviour

I did not really wish to make a fuss, or give the person concerned any more publicity than she deserves, but I think that it is reasonable to mention in the context of my previous entry regarding the Griefbuild Digest Flickr group that I have now been the victim of what is known as a "DMCA Takedown Notice" regarding some pictures of advertising builds by a Ms Cytherea Eagle. Only, well, I have been the victim, but almost entirely silently.

Griefbuild Digest, Again

I recently rediscovered a Flickr group that I created some time ago for the posting of pictures of the sort of harassing, usually advertising, builds that plague the Mainland and cause all sorts of heated discussion on the Official Forums. Given that I spent a little while writing a Description that supposedly sums up its nature and purpose, I shall simply repost it here:

A Product: the Ordinal Howdah Pistol

Far be it for me to make any sort of appalling "new year new product" sort of references, particularly given that there is no such thing, to be quite frank, as a "new" product from Ordinal Enterprises - every piece of frippery that you see emerging has usually been loitering unreleased in my mind and inventory for months and occasionally, for instance in the case of the Swordstick, for over a year. Though never over two years, I believe.

An Idea bubbles to the surface of the peculiar caffeinated swamp of my mind, there is a brief flurry of activity, it approaches finality: and then something or other intervenes, or I spend several months changing the colour of a texture between two imperceptibly different shades, or I set myself a necessary task for its improvement before release which I clearly do not have the time to do and thus can avoid without personal guilt (unless I look too hard into my own motivations). I am led to believe that I am not the only Artisan with these Issues, and I am engaging on a Scientific Regimen of Mental Exercise in an attempt to restrict it in the Future, or at least I will be once I create the proper Folder Structure to file my exercise notes in.

In the meantime, I do actually have a product that I would like to announce - the Ordinal Howdah Pistol - and as is common in this day and age, it has its own Demonstrative Cinema, though I shall place it in the Extended Portion of this journal entry since I dislike the aesthetic effect of numerous of the things on my Front Page.

SVC-1125 and Crumpets

I began to write an entry on the following issue yesterday, but quickly found that it was degenerating into a number of personal anecdotes and supposedly-witty commentary when it should have been short and to the... oh stop it! You are doing the same thing again!

A Seasonally Festive Product

Humbug advert

Please do also see other appropriate pictures.

(L$200, nomod/copy/notrans though humbugs may be given away, if you are interested in such details)

Ordinal Rambles on the Subject of Land and Property


p>It seems to me that I have been seeing more and more complaints along the lines of the following in forums recently, regarding errant and sometimes utterly fraudulent land-lords and -ladies - which is when one thinks about it peculiar, as it is not as if the official forums are more used these days, far from it.

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