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Ordinal Malaprop's blog

Disappearances and Inconsistencies

The Aethernet company "Yahoo!" have apparently closed my account with their "GeoCities" service, on which I was storing certain script files referred to in this journal.

Despite my annoyance I know better than to try to argue with an enormous corporation based on another continent with undoubtedly no interest in my affairs whatsoever, and thus I will be looking for alternative storage of some sort.


I am a patient soul. One has to be if one wishes to appropriately instruct the Difference Engine. I am quite prepared to manipulate symbols for hours on end to make the forthcoming Caledon Tram operate consistently, and have done so already, for many, many hours.

Unphysical Tram-Pushery

Anyone walking the paths of Caledon on Sunday might well have been greeted by, first of all, the sight of myself perched upon a fair-sized tram; second of all, the sight of said tram repeatedly and awkwardly colliding with buildings and newspaper dispensing devices and rental payment machines as it attempted to turn ridiculously tight corners; and thirdly, my cursing the damned thing and the damned layout of Caledon and the bridges and everything under the simulated sun.

The construction of a reliable, vehicle-based transport system inside an existing landscape designed for people to walk aro

Goo Fragmentation

In recent days I have modified the operation of the cannon of my Gun Balloon, to add effects that I find rather pleasing: there is now a two-stage particle effect upon impact, consisting of a brief yellow/red explosion and a longer-lasting plume of smoke, and more importantly, the shell itself produces shrapnel.

An era ends

Well, it has happened: I have finally divested myself of my mainland property. It was really getting to the point where maintaining two plots simultaneously was becoming an absolute chore.

I shall now be dwelling on the island of Caledon, though do by all means visit my old address to see what has been done with it.

Balloons, Diplomacy, Appeasement and Potted Meat

I have been informed several times in the last week that my Touring Dirigible in Caledon has been found in peculiar places. Some of these places are understandable - say, trapped in a tower which has grown somewhat since I last plotted the course - but some are frankly inexplicable. For instance: even given the vagaries of the physics engine, how could a dirigible find its way inside the top floor of the Academy, when it is actually too large to enter?

I suspect that some person has been taking pot-shots at my balloon. This is not a pastime that meets with my approval.

Alternative plans

Now, if you will excuse me, I must return, as I wish to speak to Mr Shang on the subject of a noticeboard for residents.

Or maybe not.

drums fingers

Amazement and Towers

One thing that always amazes me that anyone has ever heard of me in Second Life at all. I fear that I shall never get over the idea that anyone might remember my name or, for that matter, know it without me having met them or annoyed them in some way.

Things which are Useful but also amazingly Simple

One of the things from which I have gotten the most amount of use recently is an Event Monitor. This is a very, very simple device. All it does is:

  1. listen on a particular channel, in this case -122;
  2. add anything said on that channel by an object with the same owner as its to a string, with a timestamp;
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