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Verbosity and the Law

I have been told that, at times, I am prone to using far more Words than would be strictly necessary (were one wishing to be strictly concerned with the production of terse and straightforward prose, perhaps for transmission via telegraph or - indeed - semaphore!) for the communication of the central Concept or Idea that I have in mind; something which might be partially explained by the fact that quite frequently I have very little in mind, and very little idea of the semantic payload - as it were - that a particular Sentence will end up bearing. In addition to this, it has been observed that, at times, the Paragraphs that I produce are of really quite unwieldy length and unsuitable for the Easily Distracted Modern Aethernaut, though I believe that this is most unflattering to said Aethernauts; yourselves, dear readers, being clear counter examples.

The Laboratory however continues to put me to shame.

There are currently many third parties who create and distribute viewers. Most of these viewers are useful because they are innovative and many enable a more customized Second Life experience for those who use them; however, it appears that some of those third party viewers also contain functionality that is being used to copy content without the right to do so, facilitate griefing, enable phishing, collect user data without clear disclosure of such practices, and distribute software that contains harmful elements. When our revised policy goes into effect, any viewer containing functionality that can be used to impede our efforts to manage Second Life will not be tolerated. We will collaborate with developers to work towards a clear set of expectations and guidelines; however, we will also, if necessary, take action against those who actively seek to disrupt our service or violate our Terms of Service.

Or, as my old nanny said when I asked her what she thought the above meant (her being experienced in paring down my own mauve meanderings, and thus I suspected an appropriate translator here):

Most third party viewers do good things. Some can do things which people use to be naughty. We won't be allowing the ones that let people do naughty things. We'll tell the people who make viewers what's naughty, but if we think people are doing naughty things deliberately, we'll get out the strap.

Now, of course, it is welcome that the Laboratory clearly states that it will deal with breaches of the Terms of Service, but given that this, I had thought, was already something of a given, I must applaud their efforts to stretch the statement out quite as long as possible.

(The viewer registry sounds like quite a good idea though, some broader publicity than just word of mouth.)

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