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Leaves and Twigs

I have been spending far too much time twittering and tumbling like some sort of circus chicken recently, and also far too much time engaged in Aethernet-Related Projects; thus it is my determination to concentrate myself on at least the semblance of performing Work On The Grid.

Let us begin with a forthcoming product, the Ordinal Pepperbox.

Most Dangerous Calendars

Concerns of Lag and Presence have been frustrating me a little when it comes to Building of recent days, but I have been able at least to achieve a few things.

The first is yet another one of my Aethernetical Nonsense Works - a little thing which I call "Eventcal".


teapot Oh honestly, what a lot of self-indulgent rot I do write at times. Do buck up, Ordinal. When Second Life hands one lemons, one makes, well, a pot of Earl Grey, and has several cups and a small slice of lemon with each. And maybe a scone.

Snowball Visuals

Well, I have finally managed to put up the snowball technology for sale, and to celebrate, here is a little piece of video, which, well, was made with a slightly older version of the Triple Snowball Cannon, so does not actually demonstrate all possible features.

A brief note of Commercial Shame

.45 shansi and meI have, unfortunately, identified an issue with the transferrable versions of the following items:

  • Beehive launcher
  • .45 Shansi
  • Derringer
  • .455 Webley

which would cause Operational Issues were one to actually transfer them.

Clearly this is not acceptable and I apologise.

Things which are annoying

I would just like to express my irritation with revolvers. The grips of revolvers are an absolute pain in the posterior to model. Why must people make things not easily expressible in terms of cylinders and cuboids? Or alternatively, when will I be able to create meshes and use those instead?

Ahem. Do excuse me. I am trying to make a model of the Smith and Wesson Russian Model revolver and am suffering.

Curious Coincidences

I am currently reading a Fictional Periodical titled "The Glass Books of the Dream Eaters", which I must say is a cracking read so far, with the fact that each new installment arrives through the post rather than one being able to read the whole thing at once adding to the suspense and the sense of occasion. A bold yet somewhat provincial heroine, an brutal yet sympathetic anti-hero, secret decadence at masked balls, a mysterious and threatening device draining or perhaps redefining the will...


I have been left somewhat drained of inspiration in Second Life recently by continual catastrophe and general malaise, and I have been thinking of alternative Models for Industry, as I am of course in constant need of funds, as are we all. Caledon is not free, you know.

Despite my general antipathy towards the production of custom builds, I was thinking that I might offer a service whereby a customer would suggest a specific model of firearm, and I would endeavour to create a replica. I have stated before that I find such things quite relaxing, though it can be quite a bit of work.

The Arms of Morpheus

Yet again I manage to hibernate through another assault by Parties Unknown on the Grid; it is convenient for me that such things tend to occur during times of rest for me. Others have had some harrowing experiences, it seems:


blockquote>The embankment next to the landing point in Rodeo is getting waterlogged and has started to slide in a few places. I was out in the muck, trying to clean off the landing stone and stabilize the hillside when an object whizzed by me. Then another.

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