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A Seasonally Festive Product

Humbug advert

Please do also see other appropriate pictures.

(L$200, nomod/copy/notrans though humbugs may be given away, if you are interested in such details)

A few Notes upon Combatative Systems

Some time ago, I made some concerted enquiries regarding the two major systems that are used for "Role Playing" upon the Grid, with the intention of writing a piece in my Journal on the subject, with special attention to the interests of Gunsmiths.

The Ordinal Stiletto

Whilst in the process of trying to prove myself Full Of Nonsense whenever I have, in the past, confidently said "there is no way of taking screenshots via LSL" - there is a way, it merely has to be set up in an awkward fashion first, and what's more, repeated screenshots as a one of the "Life Log" things that have recently been Fashionable are possible as well - I have decided to release one of the items upon which I have been working for some time but never quite got around to finishing: the Ordinal Stiletto.

<a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/ordinal/612729471/" title="P

Yes, yes, the Ordinal Cutting Torch

I have spent quite a lot of time tinkering with this thing and thus, you should buy it immediately.


blockquote>There can be few Engineers, Blacksmiths, Salvage Experts, Artists, Pirates, Safe-Crackers and so on who have not, at one time or another, wished that they had a portable yet effective solution to the problem of being required to cut through a Large Metal Plate Of Some Sort.

Further Knife-Pistoling

Just a quick note to say that a short cinematic illustration of the Knife-Pistol is now available....

The Ordinal Knife-Pistol from Ordinal Malaprop on Vimeo



  • Listing on SLExchange
  • <a href=

  • Scripting for Safety

    Safety I am sure that we all welcome the latest Clarifying Announcement by the Laboratory reassuring residents that they are ready to ban pretty much anything at a moment's notice, which will make us all much safer from whatever it was we were in danger f

    A Notification of Release

    Much as I dislike the whole process of boxing things up and making advertisements, I would like to announce that the Ordinal Knife-Pistol is now officially for sale at my Caledon shop, and soon to be on SLX and SLB. The previous entry has more pictures, and I suppose that at some point I will make some sort of video as well.

    Incidentally, I cannot remember whether I mentioned it before, but I have created a group called "Ordinal Enterprises Customers" for this sort of announcement, as well as the announcement of any other events or special offers or whatnot. If you are interested in my nonsense for any reason I would encourage you to join.

    If you wish to see the full release notes, by all means read on (and if you do not, by all means don't).

    Notes in Progress

    Another one of my rambling jotting type entries I fear. For any of you mad enough to find these interesting, my "Tumblr" thing, Ordinal's Cabinet of Ephemera, contains these in even more abbreviated form, though it is not quite so trivial as my Twitter stream of consciousness, which contain such fascinating details as when I have to take the washing inside because it has started raining.

    Sculpted Industrialism

    In recent days I have been observing many fellow artisans upon the Grid - well, I flatter myself that they are my fellows, I am a child playing with plywood and glue compared to most, but nonetheless - writing and speaking on the subject of Sculpted Prims, the new magical lumps of clay sent to us from the heavens that promise to make our fruitbowls that much more interesting.

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