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Regarding Ordinal Enterprises' Current Stock For SL To RL Export

My Potential Customer seems eager to purchase exported Ordinal Enterprises products, and it occurs to me that it might be a Service to Other Potential Customers to provide the following information, as should anyone else make similar enquiries I would likely send the same information. Thus I quote it herein. (Please see attached PDF for the appropriate prices.)

Hello - sorry for the delay.

Please find a PDF of the current Ordinal Enterprises stock list available for export attached to this email.

It is very important that the following notes are read with relation to this stock list, as Ordinal Enterprises will not be able to legally complete the order without the supply of proper licences.

Notes on individual items

  1. Purchase of the Beehive Launcher requires either proof of a Class IV Apiary Licence (Foreign And Hazardous Species) or equivalent experience. A bulk order will significantly reduce the export cost, which mostly results from the necessity for specific bee-breeding, construction of hives and antivenom - for items after the first, reduce export cost per item to £2000.

  2. The Transitory Umbrella is legally only available for sale to those with an GBMP525 pilot's licence (before the 1982 change to the law, this was known as the "Van Dyke"). This must be less than five (5) years old.

  3. Storage of the Multicoloured Snuffbox can only be legally carried out by licenced pharmacists aged eighteen (18) or over.

  4. A Health & Safety Executive explosives permit is required to receive Festive Humbugs. Bulk orders are available at half export cost past the first. Export cost may be affected by current sugar and aluminium prices on the international market.

  5. A valid UK Airship Private or Commercial Pilots Licence is required before receiving any Gun Balloon. This should be a CPL Airship Licence covering Gas Filled Balloons. Delivery costs include hire of delivery pilot, fuel and insurance against border crossings. Please note that the rotary cannon in all civilian Gun Balloons has been PERMANENTLY DISABLED, though the motor is still operational. Attempted use of blank shells may cause significant damage to the Balloon's mechanism and likely injury or death to the pilot. Please consult the operational manual for more details.

  6. These items require a UK handgun licence with additional permission to handle virtual firearms (this can be quickly added to an existing licence at your local police station).

  7. As well as a handgun licence, purchase of one (1) or more Flare Pistols requires proof of membership of a professional nautical body, or an advanced sailing certificate. Some customers have asked whether a gold swimming certificate is sufficient - unfortunately by law it is not.

Export procedure

A deposit of 50% of the total export cost is required to cover expenses for SL to RL export. Success is not guaranteed; the deposit will only be returned in case of failure. Export usually takes from between two weeks and six years. Exported products are no-copy/trans/mod items and other permissions are not available. Performance of RL products may differ from that of SL products due to underlying script incompatibilities and differing physics engines - while Ordinal Enterprises takes every care to make sure that performance is as similar as possible, no refunds will be provided should behaviour differ, or existing functionality be broken due to any forthcoming RL upgrade.

General notes

  • VAT can be removed on submission of appropriate VAT registration details.

  • None of the above items will be able to be marked as "gifts" for customs purposes, including the Festive Humbugs.

  • Payment should be in UK Pounds Sterling and not Scottish Drachmas.

On 2 May 2011, at 09:38, Mark Joe wrote:

Hello, thanks for the mail i will like you to get back to me with the current price list so that i can place my order.



(You may see any further developments by looking at the "SL to RL Export" tag in this Journal.)

A Valentine's Day Promotion

The Ordinal Stiletto (a product from some time ago, I admit) is available at Half Price from the MarketplaceThing for the remainder of the Fourteenth of February - this means, for your information, that it costs L$100.

As well as that, should you care to actually enter the Grid, you can purchase it for a mere L$75 at Ordinal's Series Of Planks Over A Hole In The Ground!

Stiletto (close)

The Blissetesque Revolver: a Shameless Commercial Advertisement

The above revolver is now available at my Caledon... well, it isn't really a "shop" any more. It is a large hole in the ground, filled with water. But it is here, and as an extra reward for being bothered to enter the Grid at all these days and potentially looking around other parts of Caledon, the Inworld Price is a mere L$300 for today.

Addendum: The price has now risen, and the revolver can be found for purchase here, though I think you should still buy it inworld, because that is more proper.

Attachments, Mono and the Gallows

I was informed a little while ago of a JIRA issue that has consequences for those Scripters who - firstly - make scripts for attachments, or vehicles, or regularly rezzed items, which is quite a few of us, and - secondly - compile things with "Mono", which is also a popular pastime.

I made a note of this in my TwitterThing and, in recent days, have seen at least three separate references to the problem, despite the issue first being raised in SVC-3895 in February of this year (so, a very young JIRA issue, then).

Of course, on the TwitterThing one is restricted as to the length of explanation, and on that basis I would like to make brief mention here. My analysis is the following:

  1. The initial JIRA issue and subsequent comments indicate that rezzing Mono scripted objects is murderous to the FPS and performance of a region.

  2. "Rezzing" in this instance is not only rezzing objects via script - which would mean bullets - but also, vehicles and attachments entering the region.

  3. Mono scripts still have the usual advantages regarding efficiency and such after they are rezzed. (They do I am told use more memory which might be significant if script limits are enacted - but that is a different issue.)

  4. Therefore: for anything which might regularly be rezzed, most significantly bullets but also attachments and vehicles, which are re-rezzed on teleport or region crossing, I would advise recompiling in LSL to avoid the apparently noticeable performance impact. (I have not tested this myself beyond the odd unrepresentative experiment, but many scripters in the comments of the JIRA whom I personally trust and respect have done so.) For static devices, sales boxes, vendors, servers of all flavours, I would advise using Mono.


On a separate note, it is perhaps an indication of how long it has been since I properly wandered the Grid that I am shocked at the current state of Region Crossing. It really is like participating in some sort of novelty fairground attraction, where one is attached to a long piece of stretchy substance, flies off into the distance (without being able to control the process) and then is rapidly thrown backwards. This sort of thing might be amusing to the Young but really does not divert me, and I cannot help but question the Laboratory's decision in implementing it now.

Oh - and somebody erected a gallows next to my small Library plot in Zindra, which in another world might be taken as a threat, but here, is more of a welcome sign.

The Artemis Shotgun and Kolibri 2.7mm Automatic Pistol

Yes, I am aware that the post where I invited scripting questions remains Unjustly Unanswered, but I would like to quickly announce, with the minimum of Fuss, a pair of Products from Ordinal Industries, the nature of which should really be pretty self-explanatory given their names, and should be even more obvious given the following Auditory/Visual Demonstrations.

For those wishing even more detail, I shall now include, well, a little more Detail.

News of Updated Snowballery


I have noticed that some seem to be finding the Snowball System that I devised some two years ago now - goodness me! - diverting and entertaining, still; or, at the least, they are using it occasionally.

Bartitsu and the Modern Practicing Thereof

I was of course aware of the scientific school of self-defence known as "Bartitsu", a blend of Jiujitsu, Boxing, Wrestling and fighting with the Cane devised by Mr E. W. Barton-Wright around the turn of the century, and referred to (if misspelt as "baritsu") in the well-known adventures of Sherlock Holmes.

I was not, however, aware that in fact one might learn to practice this Martial Art in the Modern Day.

On Short Notice: Everything I Know About LSL, I Have Learnt By Scripting Weapons

I really should have mentioned this before, but, well, I have never been precisely the most Organised of Writers. On the morrow, at 2pm SLT or 10pm Greenwich Mean Time, I shall be the host of a Seminar on the topic of Weaponry, during which I shall be engaging in my usual Unfocussed Chatter regarding Scripting and Design and History and such.


Please do feel free to attend.

The Ordinal Wilks&Co Vertical Clock-Loading Pistol

An actual product release for a change; yes, it is another pistol which may break down at a moment's notice. Please see the following:


The Full Set Of Photographs

For the next few hours, available for half price from my Caledon shop! (That is, L$200.) (Not any longer.)

If you wish for more detailed Historical Information, please do read the following....

A Product: the Ordinal Howdah Pistol

Far be it for me to make any sort of appalling "new year new product" sort of references, particularly given that there is no such thing, to be quite frank, as a "new" product from Ordinal Enterprises - every piece of frippery that you see emerging has usually been loitering unreleased in my mind and inventory for months and occasionally, for instance in the case of the Swordstick, for over a year. Though never over two years, I believe.

An Idea bubbles to the surface of the peculiar caffeinated swamp of my mind, there is a brief flurry of activity, it approaches finality: and then something or other intervenes, or I spend several months changing the colour of a texture between two imperceptibly different shades, or I set myself a necessary task for its improvement before release which I clearly do not have the time to do and thus can avoid without personal guilt (unless I look too hard into my own motivations). I am led to believe that I am not the only Artisan with these Issues, and I am engaging on a Scientific Regimen of Mental Exercise in an attempt to restrict it in the Future, or at least I will be once I create the proper Folder Structure to file my exercise notes in.

In the meantime, I do actually have a product that I would like to announce - the Ordinal Howdah Pistol - and as is common in this day and age, it has its own Demonstrative Cinema, though I shall place it in the Extended Portion of this journal entry since I dislike the aesthetic effect of numerous of the things on my Front Page.

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