The Multicoloured Snuffbox

A conversation with Rebekka Ruff yesterday reminded me of something which I made a very long time ago - the Fabulous Multicoloured Snuffbox. Specially-imported and treated snuff from distant lands makes every refreshing sneeze a marvel!

Some promotion

I have been most remiss lately in... well, in all forms of activity. I find myself paying no attention to my own commercial interests, and instead doing very little of import. Last night I forced myself to box things up, take promotional photographs and so on, and I can thus announce that the .45 Shansi and the Beehive Launcher (which I believe I mentioned before) are now available in Second Life, some months after they were actually finished and ready.

A trip around the Lighthouse

I thought that I might experiment, yesterday, with the recording of video in SL, and thus I did so.

I have no other tool to record with apart from the built-in "save to movie" option, which I find is somewhat lacking. Whilst it will record, unless the window is set to an extremely small size, for me at least the results are unusably jerky or fuzzy. What is more, it does not record sound. But it does work, at least.

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