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In Memoriam

Those of us in the Scripting Fellowship, let us never forget https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/WEB-156, and what it entails, both in intention, lack of resolution, and result.

Attention, Grouped Denizens?

Have you, by any chance, attempted to communicate with a group? Have you, by any chance, had your messages delayed or - ostensibly - refused when attempting to do this? If you have attempted the former you will have experienced the latter. Unaccountable and inexcusable group chat delays.

Personally speaking, I have, and there is frankly no excuse for this, I am sorry. I fear that any attempt to tell me that a message of less than 4096 bytes cannot be distributed because, oh, groups or evil or something or other is going to meet with hollow laughter.

Inaction, deletion

With reference to my previous entry: an instance of a situation which has caused a significant person within SL to stop producing products has come to my attention.

Sculptypaint was a lovely little application written in the Java language, which enabled the production of all sorts of sculpted primitives.

Begging Forgiveness

Tragically, circumstances have resulted in my opportunities to enter the Grid being somewhat curtailed. Well, in practice, almost completely curtailed. I fear that the Messages are building up and it may be some time before I am able to even answer them, let alone act upon any.

New Residents and Enthusiasm

It is surprisingly hard to get New Residents to actually do anything at all for money, I find. Despite the fact that they frequently ask one how to obtain cash, when one asks as Welcome Areas for paid short-term employees (say, to test weapons on) one meets with, well, nothing at all. Ignored or unnoticed.

(as an addendum: er, actually I did not mean to place that particular entry here, but hey ho, it is here now and still quite true.)


~in which one might find the Locations of other Aethernetical Destinations~



The generous Pavig Lok has provided me with a copy of the "oculus v8" spectacles - knowing that my eyesight is not getting any better, I very much appreciate the ocular enhancement. If two lenses are good, surely umpteen must be better!

In other news, Twitter is not responding to the TwitterBox in any sort of reliable way at this moment, and so development has been a little curtailed.

Sleep of reason


I hereby promise to spend the time that I usually spend on reading and replying to various Journal entries across the Aethernet actually engaging in activities upon the Grid, or updating this humble effort. As much as is humanly possible, anyway.

There is a point at which one feels that endlessly arguing about things means that one in fact becomes left behind from them, becomes a commentator rather than a participant. In any case, Explosive Cuckoo Clocks will not make themselves.

The Means of Snowball Production

A weakness has overcome me recently, dear reader, whereby I have been drawn away from respectable life, the day-to-day affairs of the world - my profession, even - and into the shadowy Other World, wherein one may play at having a "real job", though it is, truth be told, a poor imitation.

A few more visual aids

If, dear reader, you are anything like me - and if you are reading this, you do, I hate to inform you, share certain characteristics with my humble self, for instance, I know for a fact that you have the ability to read English and also a small and annoying mole on the left hand side of the neck which occasionally speaks - you have numerous different folders present in whatever Difference Engine it is that you use regularly relating to Second Life.

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