Porcupines, Applescript and Automatic Flickring

I mentioned in my last Twitter-related post of inordinate length that it might be possible to set a Folder Action on the Apple Platform which would automatically upload full-sized snapshots to Flickr, although dealing with Applescript was like having porcupines in one's socks. The porcupines have turned out not to be quite as troublesome as I first thought, and I have managed to squash together two existing Applescripts in order to make this possible.

Tweets and Feeds and Silver Linings

I had decided that the next iteration of the Twitterbox (note that the official spelling has now been set as the previous, rather than "TwitterBox", for reasons of idleness quite honestly) - which will be 0.3 - should incorporate some form of support for images.

A TwitterBox Suggestions Page

I would like to keep this particular entry for people using the TwitterBox to add any suggestions or hints they might have in the comments. So, really, this entry does not have a huge amount of content.

TwitterBox 0.2 - the latest

<br/>Twitterbox 0.2 post animation on Vimeo<br/><br/>The latest version of the TwitterBox, 0.2, has just this minute been made available. There are two main changes here:

Twittering Trois

The TwitterBox is now present for your delectation on SLExchange and SLBoutique (the latter was giving me gyp last night, but seems to be behaving itself properly today).

As always, the latest versions of everything are available from my main TwitterBox page.

I have also now posted the sour

Twittering Too

Right. After a frustrating evening of trying to deal with all sorts of issues relating to Second Life, mine own Hosts and Twitter itself, it seems that the TwitterBox version 0.1 is now ready for release, and I have placed an open copy in my freebie box - available in the usual place.

I have put up a permanent Twitter-related page from which you should always be able to get the latest version and/or news.


Updated: versions of the TwitterBox are now available for public consumption - see the main TwitterBox page, or subsequent journal entries.

I mentioned in my last entry the subject of using HTTP Basic Authentication in LSL. (For those of you not familiar, this is a simple and not very secure method of restricting access to a web page via a username and password.)

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