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Attachments, Mono and the Gallows

I was informed a little while ago of a JIRA issue that has consequences for those Scripters who - firstly - make scripts for attachments, or vehicles, or regularly rezzed items, which is quite a few of us, and - secondly - compile things with "Mono", which is also a popular pastime.

I made a note of this in my TwitterThing and, in recent days, have seen at least three separate references to the problem, despite the issue first being raised in SVC-3895 in February of this year (so, a very young JIRA issue, then).

Of course, on the TwitterThing one is restricted as to the length of explanation, and on that basis I would like to make brief mention here. My analysis is the following:

  1. The initial JIRA issue and subsequent comments indicate that rezzing Mono scripted objects is murderous to the FPS and performance of a region.

  2. "Rezzing" in this instance is not only rezzing objects via script - which would mean bullets - but also, vehicles and attachments entering the region.

  3. Mono scripts still have the usual advantages regarding efficiency and such after they are rezzed. (They do I am told use more memory which might be significant if script limits are enacted - but that is a different issue.)

  4. Therefore: for anything which might regularly be rezzed, most significantly bullets but also attachments and vehicles, which are re-rezzed on teleport or region crossing, I would advise recompiling in LSL to avoid the apparently noticeable performance impact. (I have not tested this myself beyond the odd unrepresentative experiment, but many scripters in the comments of the JIRA whom I personally trust and respect have done so.) For static devices, sales boxes, vendors, servers of all flavours, I would advise using Mono.


On a separate note, it is perhaps an indication of how long it has been since I properly wandered the Grid that I am shocked at the current state of Region Crossing. It really is like participating in some sort of novelty fairground attraction, where one is attached to a long piece of stretchy substance, flies off into the distance (without being able to control the process) and then is rapidly thrown backwards. This sort of thing might be amusing to the Young but really does not divert me, and I cannot help but question the Laboratory's decision in implementing it now.

Oh - and somebody erected a gallows next to my small Library plot in Zindra, which in another world might be taken as a threat, but here, is more of a welcome sign.

The Ordinal Transitory Umbrella

Transitory Umbrella 2

The region of Caledon Perenelle has recently been discovered on the Caledon Archipelago, and I am dedicatedly perusing the assorted journals, maps, sketches, papers and various pieces of what is quite frankly Junk and Flotsam, left to me by my Great-Uncle regarding this Peculiar Area.

A quick note on Standards

As previously mentioned, I have been working on Vehicles for the purposes of Combat, which necessitates some sort of Standard to make sure that one's vehicle is not impervious to, but unable to harm, others (making the whole process of Combat a little pointless).

Previously I had been working with the Callahan Combat Control (CCC) system, under the impression that (a) it had already been selected as a standard for upcoming conflicts, and (b) that the Terra Combat System (TCS) still required payment.

An Unsatisfying Morsel

~ Herein, one may find a few notes dashed off in a hasty hand whilst standing in a damp Caledon drizzle, repeatedly poking a riveted cube.

The Treacle-Well


div style="float: right; margin: 0 0 1em 1em; position: relative; width: 225px; font-family: 'Verdana', sans-serif; font-size: x-small; text-align: center;">hare, dormouse, hatter and teapot

Heaven Knows

...that I am not the World's greatest Complainer. God forbid.

I am sorely dissatisfied with the current state of the Universe, though. I have been absent for a little while due to OtherWorldly pressures, and I see that, on my return, everything is appalling.

A Great Expedition

Those readers perhaps a little Jaded by their Civilised Environments, and dreaming of Wild Adventure in Foreign Climes, might well be forgiven for being a little jealous of certain Brave Explorers who have recently engaged on a expedition to the Mainland - all to be documented in the regular publication Frontier's Horizon.

You may have heard tales of the Mainland or read lurid stories of the loose women and men who inhabit it; as a slightly seasoned traveller myself, I must say that these are gross exaggerations in the main, and most of its i

A Personal Following Device

I am embarrassed that my Journal has included very little of relevance to Scripting and such methods of affecting the World, and would therefore appreciate the opportunity to post something along those lines.

The following:

personal following device.lsl

is the script for a HUD which I designed some time ago. The basic principle is simple: place the script into a prim, attach that prim as a HUD and then touch it.

The Gun Balloon, in case you had not seen it

I did mean to put up a video of this previously, only, well, I didn't. By the way, when it says "cover one's ears" it is advisable to do so.

I am afraid that the musical accompaniment really is rather obvious.

"Oh Edward!"

Here, it appears, is the answer to the tram-related issue that I have been encountering... secret release notes!


blockquote>* Improved prim accounting on parcels ** Counts are correct within 1 frame of the simulator (typically 1/45th of a second) ** The categories for prims on a parcel are: Owner, Group, Other, Selected.

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