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Things by me

The Artemis Shotgun and Kolibri 2.7mm Automatic Pistol

Yes, I am aware that the post where I invited scripting questions remains Unjustly Unanswered, but I would like to quickly announce, with the minimum of Fuss, a pair of Products from Ordinal Industries, the nature of which should really be pretty self-explanatory given their names, and should be even more obvious given the following Auditory/Visual Demonstrations.

For those wishing even more detail, I shall now include, well, a little more Detail.

Festive Pudding-Hunting Pursuits - a Preliminary

My punctuality remains as dismal as it has always been, but I am determined to release this particular Christmas-Related Product before Christmas.

Some readers may be aware of my "Steel Pigeon Projector", which has been sitting outside my shop practically forever.

Snowball Turretting Commercial Notice

Further snow-related news: I have put out for Open Sale an Automatic Device which fires Snowballs at whomever might be within its range.

The Turret is copiable (so many may be placed) and controllable by the owner either individually by touch, or en masse via a controlling device

News of Updated Snowballery


I have noticed that some seem to be finding the Snowball System that I devised some two years ago now - goodness me! - diverting and entertaining, still; or, at the least, they are using it occasionally.

On Short Notice: Everything I Know About LSL, I Have Learnt By Scripting Weapons

I really should have mentioned this before, but, well, I have never been precisely the most Organised of Writers. On the morrow, at 2pm SLT or 10pm Greenwich Mean Time, I shall be the host of a Seminar on the topic of Weaponry, during which I shall be engaging in my usual Unfocussed Chatter regarding Scripting and Design and History and such.


Please do feel free to attend.

A Contest, and a little News

I have been terribly remiss not to mention the following Contest regarding "steampunk" appearance, of which I am pleased to be a judge: http://www.koinup.com/contest/secondlifesteampunk/

Said Contest is being run by the Aethernet Pictorial Establishment "Koinup", and involves Photography of one's own personal appearance in the "steampunk" style.

The Ordinal Wilks&Co Vertical Clock-Loading Pistol

An actual product release for a change; yes, it is another pistol which may break down at a moment's notice. Please see the following:


The Full Set Of Photographs

For the next few hours, available for half price from my Caledon shop! (That is, L$200.) (Not any longer.)

If you wish for more detailed Historical Information, please do read the following....

A Product: the Ordinal Howdah Pistol

Far be it for me to make any sort of appalling "new year new product" sort of references, particularly given that there is no such thing, to be quite frank, as a "new" product from Ordinal Enterprises - every piece of frippery that you see emerging has usually been loitering unreleased in my mind and inventory for months and occasionally, for instance in the case of the Swordstick, for over a year. Though never over two years, I believe.

An Idea bubbles to the surface of the peculiar caffeinated swamp of my mind, there is a brief flurry of activity, it approaches finality: and then something or other intervenes, or I spend several months changing the colour of a texture between two imperceptibly different shades, or I set myself a necessary task for its improvement before release which I clearly do not have the time to do and thus can avoid without personal guilt (unless I look too hard into my own motivations). I am led to believe that I am not the only Artisan with these Issues, and I am engaging on a Scientific Regimen of Mental Exercise in an attempt to restrict it in the Future, or at least I will be once I create the proper Folder Structure to file my exercise notes in.

In the meantime, I do actually have a product that I would like to announce - the Ordinal Howdah Pistol - and as is common in this day and age, it has its own Demonstrative Cinema, though I shall place it in the Extended Portion of this journal entry since I dislike the aesthetic effect of numerous of the things on my Front Page.

A Seasonally Festive Product

Humbug advert

Please do also see other appropriate pictures.

(L$200, nomod/copy/notrans though humbugs may be given away, if you are interested in such details)

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