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Vocation (and why it will not Take Over the Grid)

The persistent rumours that folk on the Grid will soon be able to hear voices in their heads appear to be approaching a state of reality.

Speaking personally, and after taking medical advice, I have no intention of listening to Otherworldly Voices within SL or inviting other people to do the same, and it strikes me from a quick look at different reactions so far across many different Aethernet publications that a lot of others seem to feel the same way, or at least are sceptical as to their practical utility. Reasons given include:

Unwarranted Legalities

Heaven knows that I am not a supporter of Public Phallic Griefing, the activity of tiresome faux-rebellious delayed teenagers, but neither am I a supporter of attempts to brush such activities under the carpet.

Puzzled by this reference? Quite possible - do let me explain. Ms Anshe Chung whilst giving a press conference recently was assailed by particles and prims of an obscene nature, something which was reported upon at the time.

le Marché, ce n'est pas moi

I am indebted to a Concerned Reader, who has left a comment on a previous post regarding an automated method of searching for and purchasing land requested via the libsecondlife project Consultancy page.


blockquote>land troller • A method for using libSL for trolling Land sales.

Rambling, Absences and Jaundice

I confess to being a little tired, thus I will merely provide you with two small photographic offerings this evening.

Ordinal Laboratories - Alua

I usually have some mainland property at any particular point; I believe I mentioned my piece of land in the Alua region previously, and the above is its current appearance.

Alua is a pleasant, contoured area where I have a riverside plot, and, by God, if t

Novelty and Quitting

I recently purchased a small piece of property on the Mainland, settling on a steep and I think rather attractive riverside plot after looking around various different sims. My criteria are strict but not, I believe, unreasonable; firstly, an absence of the Three C's (Casinos, Clubs and Camping) and also none of those abominable Sixteen Square Metre Plots packed with spinning things and set to ridiculous prices.

How Privileged we are to be Allowed to Consume

It really is quite amazing what one can see in Second Life these days. This is a period of unprecedented innovation by all sorts of commercial entities, to whom we should be eternally thankful.

Some Brief and Current Affairs

I am compelled by general sloth to offer up a few morsels from around what I have learnt has been termed the "SLogosphere". The previous sentence is the first and last I will ever write containing that appalling word, unless it is to further express my distaste.



  • <

    p>The ever-perspicacious Gwynneth Llewelyn provides us with another excellent piece, on the different divisions within Second Life. Immersionist or augmentationist?

  • An Economic Matter

    Ah, one other thing that I have been doing recently with regards to Commercial Affairs is the setting of my sold products to "transfer" rather than "copy" (where appropriate - vehicles, for instance, must be copy, given the extraordinary number of accidents which can befall them).

    One practical result of this is that people may now visit Ordinal Enterprises, see items which they are not that interested in themselves but think would be absolutely perfect for someone else, and purchase them as gifts without having to bother me about it.

    Monocular Disarrangement

    Goodness gracious My monocle fell into my tea just recently, upon my opening my copy of the evening edition of the Linden Times and seeing this piece announcing the demise of the (discursiv

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