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Weeping For The Future

I recently received a short missive from my errant brother, Cardinal, which I shall reproduce in its entirety here.


div style="border:1px solid #999; padding: 1em;"> Dear Sister,

I am not ashamed to admit that I have been of very downhearted humour recently, after receiving the news of the latest piece of oppressive Linden Laboratory legislation.

Universal Laws

A brief note, but recent correspondence on the matter of fixing the seemingly terminally useless function llGetFreeMemory has led me to solidify Ordinal's Laws of Changes to LSL Function Behaviour.

1. No matter how hard a set X of scripters tries to think of ways in which function Y is used, set Z of scripters (not intersecting with set X) will be using it in an un-thought-of way, regardless of its apparent triviality and/or broken nature.

1a. Members of set Z will claim that this is a completely obvious use, mandated by the limitations of LSL, and any decent scripter should have heard of it.

2. This use will be claimed to have significant and longstanding commercial history, and the removal of function Y will allegedly break one or more entire product lines, risking mortgages, relationships, lives, the health of kittens etc.

3. Linden Laboratory will be blamed for everything that occurs or does not occur, at length, on forums and blogs and in-world and in letters penned in green ink to the Times.

Further Offensive Advertising Behaviour

I did not really wish to make a fuss, or give the person concerned any more publicity than she deserves, but I think that it is reasonable to mention in the context of my previous entry regarding the Griefbuild Digest Flickr group that I have now been the victim of what is known as a "DMCA Takedown Notice" regarding some pictures of advertising builds by a Ms Cytherea Eagle. Only, well, I have been the victim, but almost entirely silently.

Griefbuild Digest, Again

I recently rediscovered a Flickr group that I created some time ago for the posting of pictures of the sort of harassing, usually advertising, builds that plague the Mainland and cause all sorts of heated discussion on the Official Forums. Given that I spent a little while writing a Description that supposedly sums up its nature and purpose, I shall simply repost it here:

SVC-1125 and Crumpets

I began to write an entry on the following issue yesterday, but quickly found that it was degenerating into a number of personal anecdotes and supposedly-witty commentary when it should have been short and to the... oh stop it! You are doing the same thing again!

Ordinal Rambles on the Subject of Land and Property


p>It seems to me that I have been seeing more and more complaints along the lines of the following in forums recently, regarding errant and sometimes utterly fraudulent land-lords and -ladies - which is when one thinks about it peculiar, as it is not as if the official forums are more used these days, far from it.

Jam Tomorrow, Jam Today

Some Marmalade (not Jam)

The talented Mr Nicholaz Beresford has a critical and apropos response to his Majesty Philip's recent missive, "Long Road Behind, Long Road Ahead", in which he makes a telling point.

Orange Identities

A small note to, well, note that I am appearing as a panelist in the "Identity Summit", presented by the Communications Company, Orange, this coming Friday the Sixteenth of November.



What does - or does not - an avatar reveal about its owner? How does virtual identity become a brand? Is the humanoid form the best way to express our true selves?

The Conclusion of Voices?

I was recently considering the matter of Otherworldly Voices. There was an immense kerfuffle about the introduction of Voices to the Grid - admittedly, there is an immense kerfuffle about any introduction or removal of anything whatsoever, but in this case it was a kerfuffle promulgated by many Leading Thinkers and Commentators, and also myself.

A new Forum; an old Complaint

stippled_script2.jpgWhilst somewhat re-enabled in Aethernet terms, I am still unable to enter the Grid itself, and have been attempting to ameliorate the symptoms of my withdrawal with such things as the Scripting Section of the Official Forums.

To tell the truth I have been there infrequently of late. Previously I would spend many hours bickering over semicolons, but I have found it drawing me less and less in recent months until I barely ever participate unless at an extremely loose end. I am not entirely sure what caused this change; perhaps it was the closure of many parts of it and the enforcement of apparently somewhat arbitary conditions, making the place far less welcoming as a whole, or perhaps there was some Social Shift, with either the tenor of new participants changing or the departure of those I previously enjoyed engaging with. Or, perhaps, it is entirely down to a change in my own character.

“Frustration” by Sally Dunham
“Frustration” by Sally Dunham

One thing that most definitely has put me off ever returning, or at least offering actual Script-Code Solutions, is the current impossibility of posting up any sort of Code in any sort of Legible Form. I fear that I became infuriated by this and vowed never to return, or at least never to attempt to put up examples again. This is yet another manifestation of the dread [#WEB-156] BBCode not working on official SL Forums, one the annoyance of which I had not fully appreciated (and believe me, I have been incredibly annoyed by it already). This one thing now makes the huge Scripting Library unreadable and greatly discourages any further contributions, as well as vastly increasing the effort required to actually help anyone with their own problems or post solutions. Short queries and functions and theoretical discussions are bearable, but the prospect of struggling through some poor novice's hundred lines of unformatted code in order to chase down curly brackets is enough to make one simply not bother.


It all infuriates me even more as there are dozens of people eager to help with this, perhaps the most opaque skill within Second Life for a beginner or Non-Technical Sort to deal with, yet they face obstacles which even have the effect of making previous stored advice less valuable. A grid full of professional Old Resident engineers, lonely newer auto-didacts and terrible ancient scripts handed down from generation to generation due to the lack of anything more recent and efficient is not the sort of vision I have ever had, and discussion and mutual education at least goes some way to preventing this dystopia and helping the broadest group and greatest number of people. Even if one has no intention of dirtying one's hands with any sort of Coding, one may still benefit from proper samples to be cut and pasted directly into an In-World Device.

As a small sticking-plaster I have now set up my own Scripting Colloquium, where one might post Code in a manner which can actually be Read (as well as Images and Links and Things In Italics and So On). These things rarely survive for more than a few weeks, and it may die an undignified death, but I would encourage anyone with scripts and questions about scripts who is put off discussion within the Official Forums by this or other matters to visit and participate. At the least it may build up some useable examples.

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