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SLXstreet, Product and Faff

It has come to my attention that Linden Lab has recently purchased controlling interests (FAQ, press release) in both "Xstreet" (formerly SLX, and likely to be known as such by Older Residents for quite some time) and "Shop OnRez" (formerly SLBou

Citizens, Rejoice!

Citizens of the Grid! We have heard you clamouring outside the palace gates, unquietened even by the regular rezzing of Cake, and, truly and honestly, read and inwardly digested every message that reached us tied around a rock and launched through a window.

We appreciate that our initial plans to raise the price of all sims to $1000 per minute might have caused some alarm, and we have no intention of stifling the boundless creativity of our subjects. However, it must be said that many of you have been excessively naughty, and used things which are clearly outside of the stated use of Second Life (dancing, selling hair, looking at prim fish). For instance, many of you have been using megaprims - we have been shocked to discover this - and also such scripting techniques as WarpPos.

Our keen ears have detected that you wish to have a greater variety of potential options for your sim hosting.

  1. Those of you who used the sims as originally intended - chatting, copybotting, selling Siggy's waterslide - want that product at the original price point and demand clear and strict discipline regarding usage, or perhaps just clear and strict discipline in general.

  2. Some of you have built businesses on your sims, set your rental rates or built your groups and although you acknowledge - or at least you damned well will, once you have met the Green And Purple Waterboard - you built more than we say was intended but did nothing to prevent, a large and rapid price change is too much for you to absorb.

  3. Some of you built creations that were between a huge empty hole in the ground and a floating elephant farm and want some kind of "proper region lite" product - a lower price point than a normal region but with the ability to build a certain amount of content.

This Reason Is Not Reasonable

I do mostly try to keep argument in my Journal more on a Rational basis rather than involving untoward speculation as to Motives and Such, simply because I am considerably more confident with the former (not, I might add, that I have all that much confidence that my Rational Abilities are particularly keen, but they are certainly better than my abilities regarding evaluating Rumour and Motivation).

Shouting into the Void

Well, if there is one thing that is undeniable about the latest Move by the Laboratory to Solve Everything By Obtaining More Money, it is that, almost without exception, everyone is very cross.


The issue of reduced performance due to OpenSpace Use

Outrageous and so on

I drag myself out of Aethernet Hibernation, prompted by a certain level of outrage. My preferred Cinema Hosting Site, Vimeo - a place that I have spent some time promoting, as it has always seemed to me a comfortable and technologically advanced place to host one's Cinema - seems to have made an odd decision:

Youth: no longer Restricted (a Late Post)

I did wish to wait until Matters were Officially Recognised, but with reference to my previous Entry, it is now confirmed that the policy has been Changed and that those with Diminutive Avatars have been accepted with Child-Related Builds to Second Life's Fifth Birthday. Which is of course all a good thing and deserving of lashings of ginger beer.

A Restriction of the Youth

I am concerned to read that the Second Life Fifth Birthday Celebrations (or SL5B for short - whilst long-winded I am rarely masochistic) may well be banning those with Child-Like Appearance from exhibiting.

An Illustration of the Cosmology of the Grid

I have noticed that there does still seem to be some Confusion amongst Residents as to precisely the relationships between Linden Laboratorye, the Grid itself, other Parts and also the Broader Aethernet, which does seem to be causing Misapprehensions as to the origins and behaviour of certain Aspects and Components.

I am always of a bent to properly Explain the Technical Nature of how these things operate, and for that purpose I have prepared a small diagram of the Cosmology of the Grid and Second Life, which I hope will prove useful. No doubt other Grid-Cosmological Types will have disagreements with the Details, but I believe that the basic structure is sound. Please excuse the poor handwriting.

A point of Soreness

Not that I would wish, really, to discuss points of personal soreness with the crowd; but, heaven knows, this is some sort of historical document.

It all began with a missive from Soft Linden on the subject of things which might be included in the forthcoming 1.20 Release of the Client which enables us all to view the splendid Grid.

The "Copybot" Word

I have been approached a couple of times recently regarding an "issue" mentioned on the publication known as the "Second Life Herald", on the subject of a "new copybot". (I do not read this publication on a regular basis any more, on account of its tedious hagiography of groups of annoying children; an odd pursuit, not my part to judge I suppose but not in my interests to read, either.)

Let us be clear on a few details in this instance.

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