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A few Notes upon Combatative Systems

Some time ago, I made some concerted enquiries regarding the two major systems that are used for "Role Playing" upon the Grid, with the intention of writing a piece in my Journal on the subject, with special attention to the interests of Gunsmiths.

An Unsatisfying Morsel

~ Herein, one may find a few notes dashed off in a hasty hand whilst standing in a damp Caledon drizzle, repeatedly poking a riveted cube.

An Alternative Mechanical Approach

One solution to the various issues that face the Engineer of Items of Transport upon the Grid - though these issues I believe to be slowly but surely disappearing, hopefully to be banished into the annals of history, only to be brought out again to scare the newest of new residents, "the Sim Crossing Monster will eat you up and spit you out at 0,0,0 with your shoes in your rear end!" - is of course to design vehicles which are purely attachments.

These are sturdy, reliable things, and much can be done with them.

The Treacle-Well


div style="float: right; margin: 0 0 1em 1em; position: relative; width: 225px; font-family: 'Verdana', sans-serif; font-size: x-small; text-align: center;">hare, dormouse, hatter and teapot

Heaven Knows

...that I am not the World's greatest Complainer. God forbid.

I am sorely dissatisfied with the current state of the Universe, though. I have been absent for a little while due to OtherWorldly pressures, and I see that, on my return, everything is appalling.

Unexpected levels of intrusion

Oh, I just want to share one extra detail. Yesterday, whilst I was searching for land, I was also testing an improved model of my Blitter (a non-physical personal movement device). This appears as a sort of back-mounted device, and has much smoother movement, though it can have issues with sim crossings, which is something I need to take a closer look at.

Regardless of that, in certain areas I encountered the horrific two-hundred-metre ban-lines that I have complained about before, and of course I was unable to stop in time to avoid hitting them.

Unphysical Tram-Pushery

Anyone walking the paths of Caledon on Sunday might well have been greeted by, first of all, the sight of myself perched upon a fair-sized tram; second of all, the sight of said tram repeatedly and awkwardly colliding with buildings and newspaper dispensing devices and rental payment machines as it attempted to turn ridiculously tight corners; and thirdly, my cursing the damned thing and the damned layout of Caledon and the bridges and everything under the simulated sun.

The construction of a reliable, vehicle-based transport system inside an existing landscape designed for people to walk aro

SLurling and the status of aeroplanes

Those who publish pieces regarding Second Life on the internet will be interested to learn of a service known as SLurl, which allows one to easily link to a location in Second Life and have the viewer taken to a map of it and given the option to visit, whether they have the Second Life client installed or not.

I consider this a most useful service to provide, and a simple SLurl is just of the form:


which one would

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