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A script in haiku

which, itself, says a haiku.

For no easily identifiable reason.

[geshifilter-code]// LSL Haiku, first attempt // Ordinal Malaprop // Sat Aug 22 15:20:04 BST 2009 // RULES: // Each function must be a haiku including the declaration, // though only identifiable words and numbers need be included, not // punctuation. // Events must contain a haiku i.e. be three lines, 5/7/5. // "0" can be pronounced zero or "oh" to make things slightly easier. string say(string toSay) { llSay(0, toSay); return toSay + " said."; } string theFirstLinePlease() { string firstLine = "This is the first"; return firstLine + " line."; } string theSecondLine() { string lineTwo = "the second line."; return "This, " + lineTwo; } string andTheThirdLine() { string thirdLine = "it really the"; return thirdLine + " last?"; } default { state_entry() { say(theFirstLinePlease()); say(theSecondLine() + " Or is,"); say(andTheThirdLine()); } }[/geshifilter-code]

A Seasonally Festive Product

Humbug advert

Please do also see other appropriate pictures.

(L$200, nomod/copy/notrans though humbugs may be given away, if you are interested in such details)

Second Life Versus Kittens: A Clear Loss

Alas, due to a severe attack of the vapours, I have been unable to complete any Journal Entries recently, and therefore wish to post (for your edification) the thoughts of my semi-estranged semi-clerical brother, Cardinal Malaprop, who sends me letters from the Vatican on unpredictable occasions. At least he claims that they are from the Vatican, though I suspect that he is merely skulking in the Whitechapel backstreets somewhere and occasionally stealing some incense to scent the missives.

Announcing the Candidacy of Iron Plato

I was alerted by Vint Falken that the position of Governor of Second Life would shortly be coming up for election.

Clearly, whilst Lord Philip has provided sterling service over the years, there are many things which could be improved, and technology marches on.

Scripting for Safety

Safety I am sure that we all welcome the latest Clarifying Announcement by the Laboratory reassuring residents that they are ready to ban pretty much anything at a moment's notice, which will make us all much safer from whatever it was we were in danger f

Effective Protection from the Grid Itself!

Grid Crash Protection Box Apropos of not a lot: I was, this afternoon, conversing with Pavig Lok during one of the periods of Grid Irregularity that we face after having been thrown out for no apparent reason, and attempted to

How Privileged we are to be Allowed to Consume

It really is quite amazing what one can see in Second Life these days. This is a period of unprecedented innovation by all sorts of commercial entities, to whom we should be eternally thankful.

An Automated Tool of some Convenience for Certain Folk

During the latest DownTime I have noticed that certain of my esteemed fellow residents seem to delight in posting the same complaints repeatedly across the forums. In actual fact the details of these complaints seem to vary little between events, and I imagine that it must be something of a strain to produce different prose each time.

With that in mind I have produced one of my Automated Tools for the convenience of anyone wishing to do so.

Friday scripting humour, explosions and blimps

I'm sure that any person of sufficient powers of concentration to be willing to hack through the thick, obscuring undergrowth of verbiage that makes up my Journal in the faint hope that, in sufficient time, they will clear aside one last creeper to find King Solomon's Mine revealed (or more likely a deserted quarry and a small squalid shop selling badly-painted souvenirs) has had the experience of becoming so engrossed in some project or other in Second Life that they completely forget to perform some vital task, such as - for the gentlemen - trimming one's moustache before meeting one's frien

On a different note

On a more entertaining (if unmannerly) note than my complaints regarding Scripting, I see that certain forward young ladies of a technological persuasion have been putting themselves about on the Aethernet. Disgraceful.

Are you a man who can equal Mr. Ferdinand Zeppelin? If so, dial 12 on your Bell's Telephone Box and prepare for witticisms that would give the queen the vapors!
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