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I would just like to say that I cannot believe that anyone took the time to score 770 on my Steel Pigeon Projector. I re-engineered it to record the highest score so far, and clear the scoreboard every day, but really. 770? Even if all of those were double-scoring red pigeons, that's 335 of them to be shot down.

shakes her head in amazement

Still. I certainly mean no criticism. If it is seen as entertaining enough, then by all means shoot as many as you desire... they feel nothing, it is not cruel.

Pistols and glass

Seeing as how my Duelling Pistols seem to have attracted some interest, I have put the entire system up for sale for anyone wishing to take advantage of it themselves, with a few modifications:

  • Custom poses exist (for those who have not seen them as yet);
  • The powder load is now variable, to deal different levels of damage, and can be selected by the duellists concerned;
  • Pistols for retail, as standard, can be reloaded from any ammunit

Steam-Powered Confectionery for All!

Ordinal Enterprises is proud to announce an Easter event of sorts: the Easter Egg Cannon.

Easter Egg Cannon

Merely find and touch the above device (which should not be a matter of great difficulty) and...

An ecstacy of fumbling

I had thought that I would wait until I had actually completed something new related to the power generation system before I made another post but, with typical dilletantism, I have done very little on that front, preferring instead to:

(a) build a scanning device to detect the "Magic Money!" items, which have been spoiling the pristine look of much of the grid, or, more realistically, adding three more ugly, shiny, spinning, exploitative prims to the environment.

The uselessness of frames; a cathedral of sorts

As mentioned, I constructed a windmill that draws power from the movement of the wind, and was considering also building a solar panel, but then I thought: what sources of renewable energy are exclusive to Second Life? Why limit oneself to those existing in the Other World? I therefore created the latest generator, one that taps energy from the movement of frames. After all, frames mostly do nothing, there is plenty of excess power there for the taking.

Butterfly windmill

As is so often the case, the butterfly nature of my mind has led to me completely forgetting to continue work on any of my past projects, and I have, instead, been working on something completely different today - a power distribution system.

A Simulator Notification

The latest version of the model of the proposed Steampunk Sim can now be found in the back garden of the Manor at Caledon.

Steampunk Model - new home

The old location has disappeared, but this is a more appropriate place.

Towering Issues

I have to say that, while the update to version 1.9 has been delayed for three hours, which will likely cause my fingernails to become practically non-existent, looking at the video by Ben Linden regarding camera controls - a sizeable Quicktime file - gives me hope that I will be able to tailor the view inside of the lighthouse to make it perfectly possible to view the interior, rather than the visitor's camera bouncing through stone walls in an unfortunate

Caledonianism, Enterprise and Bubbles

Recently I have been spending most of my time in Caledon, where one can be assured of good and polite conversation and fine design. I do occasionally pop back to the mainland when I wish to design something that explodes, but not too often these days.

I referred earlier to my confusion as to what to do with the plot; this has not really disappeared.

The Pepperment of Nearby Objects

I am most gratified by the number of people who have mentioned to me, during conversation in Caledon and elsewhere, though mostly in Caledon itself, that they have read this particular "blog" and, amazingly to me, continue to read it and even find it not completely worthless. Dear reader, your correspondent is most flattered indeed, and will certainly try to continue producing whatever it is that people actually come here for.

As to my current activities, well, I have been and continue to be somewhat busy, though not producing an awfully large number of actual products as such.

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