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Unwarranted Legalities

Heaven knows that I am not a supporter of Public Phallic Griefing, the activity of tiresome faux-rebellious delayed teenagers, but neither am I a supporter of attempts to brush such activities under the carpet.

Puzzled by this reference? Quite possible - do let me explain. Ms Anshe Chung whilst giving a press conference recently was assailed by particles and prims of an obscene nature, something which was reported upon at the time.

le Marché, ce n'est pas moi

I am indebted to a Concerned Reader, who has left a comment on a previous post regarding an automated method of searching for and purchasing land requested via the libsecondlife project Consultancy page.


blockquote>land troller • A method for using libSL for trolling Land sales.

Snowball Visuals

Well, I have finally managed to put up the snowball technology for sale, and to celebrate, here is a little piece of video, which, well, was made with a slightly older version of the Triple Snowball Cannon, so does not actually demonstrate all possible features.

The Means of Snowball Production

A weakness has overcome me recently, dear reader, whereby I have been drawn away from respectable life, the day-to-day affairs of the world - my profession, even - and into the shadowy Other World, wherein one may play at having a "real job", though it is, truth be told, a poor imitation.

A brief note of Commercial Shame

.45 shansi and meI have, unfortunately, identified an issue with the transferrable versions of the following items:

  • Beehive launcher
  • .45 Shansi
  • Derringer
  • .455 Webley

which would cause Operational Issues were one to actually transfer them.

Clearly this is not acceptable and I apologise.

Rambling, Absences and Jaundice

I confess to being a little tired, thus I will merely provide you with two small photographic offerings this evening.

Ordinal Laboratories - Alua

I usually have some mainland property at any particular point; I believe I mentioned my piece of land in the Alua region previously, and the above is its current appearance.

Alua is a pleasant, contoured area where I have a riverside plot, and, by God, if t

Tram Government, Mapping and Unaided Swoopment

Beginning a piece of writing by apologising for not having written previously is most appallingly gauche, and you will not, dear reader, find me doing such a thing.

Novelty and Quitting

I recently purchased a small piece of property on the Mainland, settling on a steep and I think rather attractive riverside plot after looking around various different sims. My criteria are strict but not, I believe, unreasonable; firstly, an absence of the Three C's (Casinos, Clubs and Camping) and also none of those abominable Sixteen Square Metre Plots packed with spinning things and set to ridiculous prices.

Firsts and Seconds

A tip of the hat to the respected journalist Mr Hamlet Au, who has had considerably more success than I in eliciting a response from Channel Four Radio, whom I believe I mentioned earlier. I must say that Mr Au's full piece is well worth reading, highlighting as it does the regrettable tendency of our men and women of business to slip into a most peculiar automatic argot when confronted with a question for which they appear to lack understanding, answers or interest.

A few more visual aids

If, dear reader, you are anything like me - and if you are reading this, you do, I hate to inform you, share certain characteristics with my humble self, for instance, I know for a fact that you have the ability to read English and also a small and annoying mole on the left hand side of the neck which occasionally speaks - you have numerous different folders present in whatever Difference Engine it is that you use regularly relating to Second Life.

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