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An Unsatisfying Morsel

~ Herein, one may find a few notes dashed off in a hasty hand whilst standing in a damp Caledon drizzle, repeatedly poking a riveted cube.

A Brief Moment of TwitterHeading

Of little interest to those not inclined to develop Twittery Things, but proposals have emerged for those creating Clients (such as the Twitterbox) to be able to identify their Device to the Twitterverse.

An Alternative Mechanical Approach

One solution to the various issues that face the Engineer of Items of Transport upon the Grid - though these issues I believe to be slowly but surely disappearing, hopefully to be banished into the annals of history, only to be brought out again to scare the newest of new residents, "the Sim Crossing Monster will eat you up and spit you out at 0,0,0 with your shoes in your rear end!" - is of course to design vehicles which are purely attachments.

These are sturdy, reliable things, and much can be done with them.

Twitterbox 0.3

Oh my giddy aunt, I forgot entirely to announce the release of version 0.3 of the Twitterbox before retiring the previous night.

Well, version 0.3 of the Twitterbox has been released. It is fairly similar to the previous version, as one might expect, with the addition of the ability to automatically post the URL of the latest entry in an "RSS" or "Atom" "feed".

Porcupines, Applescript and Automatic Flickring

I mentioned in my last Twitter-related post of inordinate length that it might be possible to set a Folder Action on the Apple Platform which would automatically upload full-sized snapshots to Flickr, although dealing with Applescript was like having porcupines in one's socks. The porcupines have turned out not to be quite as troublesome as I first thought, and I have managed to squash together two existing Applescripts in order to make this possible.

Tweets and Feeds and Silver Linings

I had decided that the next iteration of the Twitterbox (note that the official spelling has now been set as the previous, rather than "TwitterBox", for reasons of idleness quite honestly) - which will be 0.3 - should incorporate some form of support for images.

A TwitterBox Suggestions Page

I would like to keep this particular entry for people using the TwitterBox to add any suggestions or hints they might have in the comments. So, really, this entry does not have a huge amount of content.

TwitterBox 0.2 - the latest

<br/>Twitterbox 0.2 post animation on Vimeo<br/><br/>The latest version of the TwitterBox, 0.2, has just this minute been made available. There are two main changes here:

More on the Voice Issue

Daring avatars have provided us with a visual example of a Seance, which I am interested to see, though I do not think this is the best advertisement - it manages to appear simultaneously boring and a bit scary. In a circle of friends, two manage to say anything, and there is no connection between the Audible Part and anything that one can see. Otherworldly Voices come seemingly out of nowhere, as might be expected of them, and say little of interest.

Vocation (and why it will not Take Over the Grid)

The persistent rumours that folk on the Grid will soon be able to hear voices in their heads appear to be approaching a state of reality.

Speaking personally, and after taking medical advice, I have no intention of listening to Otherworldly Voices within SL or inviting other people to do the same, and it strikes me from a quick look at different reactions so far across many different Aethernet publications that a lot of others seem to feel the same way, or at least are sceptical as to their practical utility. Reasons given include:

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