August 2007

Release of the Wings

At last, I have had the Breathing Space to release the Ordinal Mechanical Dragonfly Wings for public sale! They are now available at my Caledon shop, for a limited time at the exceptionally low price of L$200.

Bedlam Illustrated

As mentioned in the Comments upon my previous entry regarding the excellent Slouching Towards Bedlam, paintings were composed to illustrate it by Sandara - two of which may be seen here, reproduced with kind permission:

<img src='' alt='Slouching Towards Bedlam 1'

Requesting the Attention of Aviators

I have been attempting to put the final touches to my Mechanical Dragonfly Wings, which I find are frequently admired, yet I still possess my usual level of indecision and would therefore entreat any with an Opinion on the Use of Flight Enhancement Devices to leave their opinion herein.

Informing, Bedlam


blockquote>The rotating tin cylinder within the phonograph vibrates slightly as a brass needle scrapes against it.

A new Product of Limited Cleverness

I feel obliged to mention the existence of a new version of one of the Free Devices that I provide which has proven to be of Enormous Popularity. Really, it is not a complex thing, but may be of use to some.

A new Giver of Free Things

Upon the suggestion of Ms Ariel Miranda, I added the ability for the "Freebie Giver" to display an Illustration of the particular "Freebie" that is being dispensed.

A Momentous Day (For Some)

Well, it seems that "Voice" is present across the Grid now, at least for those who care to Download the newest Viewer, and it is on as standard across Caledon.