November 2006

Novelty and Quitting

I recently purchased a small piece of property on the Mainland, settling on a steep and I think rather attractive riverside plot after looking around various different sims. My criteria are strict but not, I believe, unreasonable; firstly, an absence of the Three C's (Casinos, Clubs and Camping) and also none of those abominable Sixteen Square Metre Plots packed with spinning things and set to ridiculous prices.

Firsts and Seconds

A tip of the hat to the respected journalist Mr Hamlet Au, who has had considerably more success than I in eliciting a response from Channel Four Radio, whom I believe I mentioned earlier. I must say that Mr Au's full piece is well worth reading, highlighting as it does the regrettable tendency of our men and women of business to slip into a most peculiar automatic argot when confronted with a question for which they appear to lack understanding, answers or interest.

A few more visual aids

If, dear reader, you are anything like me - and if you are reading this, you do, I hate to inform you, share certain characteristics with my humble self, for instance, I know for a fact that you have the ability to read English and also a small and annoying mole on the left hand side of the neck which occasionally speaks - you have numerous different folders present in whatever Difference Engine it is that you use regularly relating to Second Life.

A Personal Following Device

I am embarrassed that my Journal has included very little of relevance to Scripting and such methods of affecting the World, and would therefore appreciate the opportunity to post something along those lines.

The following:

personal following device.lsl

is the script for a HUD which I designed some time ago. The basic principle is simple: place the script into a prim, attach that prim as a HUD and then touch it.

How Privileged we are to be Allowed to Consume

It really is quite amazing what one can see in Second Life these days. This is a period of unprecedented innovation by all sorts of commercial entities, to whom we should be eternally thankful.

Minimal visual aids

You are quite correct - I have not been around an awful lot recently. When one has little to say, one says little. As partial recompense I offer a few little graphical pieces meant to make the use of SLurls a little more obvious. Which more clearly displays that one might visit a location - Caledon Cay or Caledon Cay?