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October 2006

Things which are annoying

I would just like to express my irritation with revolvers. The grips of revolvers are an absolute pain in the posterior to model. Why must people make things not easily expressible in terms of cylinders and cuboids? Or alternatively, when will I be able to create meshes and use those instead?

Ahem. Do excuse me. I am trying to make a model of the Smith and Wesson Russian Model revolver and am suffering.

Curious Coincidences

I am currently reading a Fictional Periodical titled "The Glass Books of the Dream Eaters", which I must say is a cracking read so far, with the fact that each new installment arrives through the post rather than one being able to read the whole thing at once adding to the suspense and the sense of occasion. A bold yet somewhat provincial heroine, an brutal yet sympathetic anti-hero, secret decadence at masked balls, a mysterious and threatening device draining or perhaps redefining the will...

Small things, pleasing small minds

I was mentioned in the noted Aethernet Technological Journal, Wired! (See section Seven; they only mentioned the Slurlchatter, but the Slurlblogger is of course much better. I have sent a quick mail informing them of the existence of the device.)

The Mice have Won the Aethernet

Caledon 85,46,26 - Version 0.4 of the Slurlblogger is now available! As previously demonstrated by mice with hats, this version will now post directly to a blog as well as to email, and is notecard-configurable.

Caledon 87,47,26 - I have tested it with Blogger and Wordpress (on my own server), however, if anyone could confirm the stuff in the instruction card about other hosts and systems, that would be good. Typepad testing would be useful too.


Herein one may find a listing of certain pieces elsewhere on my Aethernet Site.

Projects from the World to the Aethernet



  • Second Life Sim Voting
  • The Caledon Tram Status Page - locate the tram unerringly!

  • An Automated Tool of some Convenience for Certain Folk

    During the latest DownTime I have noticed that certain of my esteemed fellow residents seem to delight in posting the same complaints repeatedly across the forums. In actual fact the details of these complaints seem to vary little between events, and I imagine that it must be something of a strain to produce different prose each time.

    With that in mind I have produced one of my Automated Tools for the convenience of anyone wishing to do so.

    Annoyances which simply must be mentioned

    Whilst investigating the latest tram fiasco in Port Caledon, due to prim limits in the parcel just across the bridge (as usual), I endeavoured to show Zeppelin Duesberg (who was in attendance) that when one sits upon an object it does not fall foul of prim-limit-returnment.

    Except that when I sat down on the tram, and waited for it to cross the bridge, I did fall foul of it. The tram was returned, I was plunged into limbo and forced to relog.


    I have been left somewhat drained of inspiration in Second Life recently by continual catastrophe and general malaise, and I have been thinking of alternative Models for Industry, as I am of course in constant need of funds, as are we all. Caledon is not free, you know.

    Despite my general antipathy towards the production of custom builds, I was thinking that I might offer a service whereby a customer would suggest a specific model of firearm, and I would endeavour to create a replica. I have stated before that I find such things quite relaxing, though it can be quite a bit of work.

    The Arms of Morpheus

    Yet again I manage to hibernate through another assault by Parties Unknown on the Grid; it is convenient for me that such things tend to occur during times of rest for me. Others have had some harrowing experiences, it seems:


    blockquote>The embankment next to the landing point in Rodeo is getting waterlogged and has started to slide in a few places. I was out in the muck, trying to clean off the landing stone and stabilize the hillside when an object whizzed by me. Then another.