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July 2006


I never realised quite how beautiful Caledon actually was, until this moment, when I am able to look at it through new mechanical eyes.

It also points out quite how much that I had been blaming on the Asset Server was in fact down to the inadequacies of my former eyes.

"Oh Edward!"

Here, it appears, is the answer to the tram-related issue that I have been encountering... secret release notes!


blockquote>* Improved prim accounting on parcels ** Counts are correct within 1 frame of the simulator (typically 1/45th of a second) ** The categories for prims on a parcel are: Owner, Group, Other, Selected.

On a different note

On a more entertaining (if unmannerly) note than my complaints regarding Scripting, I see that certain forward young ladies of a technological persuasion have been putting themselves about on the Aethernet. Disgraceful.

Are you a man who can equal Mr. Ferdinand Zeppelin? If so, dial 12 on your Bell's Telephone Box and prepare for witticisms that would give the queen the vapors!

A brief Comment regarding Content

This Journal rarely comments on Matters of State in Second Life - the potential effects of the latest proclamation of King Philip, for instance, or the issues of the economy caused by the moving of stipends to Thursdays and making them payable only in cucumbers.

I would not like anyone to think that this is because I have no interest in such things, or am unable to comment upon them. Such topics are, though, absolutely nothing to do with why I continue to write.

A Directory for Caledon, and Other Places Potentially

One of the things that I have been doing recently is constructing a small Directory for Caledon.

Further to the previous push alert post

I have restricted the push alert to only scanning for avatars every five seconds, but checking for position changes every second. One still would not wish to go into a club full of people wearing such devices, petrified of the Evil Griefer, though.

The script for said device can be found here, and the device itself is available as always from my freebie box in Caledon.

Further SLurling and some Speculative Placeholding

I was, a little while back, alerted by Ms Torley Linden to the fact that there are residents wishing to use the SLurl as a tool when referring to places in Second Life, but finding it awkward, slow or otherwise inconvenient to do so via the web form. I have thus built a small item that should help - something I call a "slurlchatter".

This is simply a HUD device that sits there and, when touched, will tell you a SLurl for your current location. One merely then has to cut and paste this SLurl into whichever document one is creating. It can also be commanded by speech - say "/121 Caledon,128,128,128" and it will give one an appropriate SLurl for that specific place. It is available for free from SLExchange or SLBoutique, or, as usual, from my humble establishment in Caledon.

Another item that I have been working on, I am in something of a quandary regarding. With the removal of the "PVP Abuse Tool" within Second Life there has been some demand for alternatives; a collision sensor has been released for free by Babbage Linden, but of course one problem with collision sensors is that they only respond to actual collisions.