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February 2006

Animated discourse

Vitruvian plywood I have often complained about the lack of suitable animations in Second Life of use to a designer of mechanical items, such as myself. I have often complained at quite tedious length, in fact; I was doing so just yesterday.

SLurling and the status of aeroplanes

Those who publish pieces regarding Second Life on the internet will be interested to learn of a service known as SLurl, which allows one to easily link to a location in Second Life and have the viewer taken to a map of it and given the option to visit, whether they have the Second Life client installed or not.

I consider this a most useful service to provide, and a simple SLurl is just of the form:


which one would

On the use of paper to construct small flying devices

I confess that I have been building weaponry yet again, and this time some of the most devastating and immoral devices ever created. Yes, I have been building paper aeroplanes.

small paper plane The basic launching device is quite simple, just a paper aeroplane that you hold in your hand and which throws a sub-aeroplane of identical appearance but quite different behaviour.

On the matter of the serving of refreshments; an eye on intrusion

I have recently expanded and redeveloped my showroom area and to celebrate this, have constructed a device of great social import - an Automated Champagne Waiter, controlled by its own specialised engine and the most accurate thermometers available to chill the vintage champagne to the perfect temperature and pour it as if one was in the finest Paris hotel. Moreover, it has the capacity to top up one's glass as often as desired. (It will not actually follow one around doing this.

A polite notice

A polite notice

Vending devices in Second Life are often distinctly brusque and indeed even rude, as well as being festooned with garish floating text. Last night, whilst designing a device of similar purpose for my own potential use - I have not made up my mind - I decided that in any case mine would be more polite.

(Also note a new spinning FOR SALE sign... sigh I really need to move out of this area.)

Communications and so forth

A perpetual problem for myself and others whose body clocks are tuned to Greenwich Mean Time is that of communication with other residents of Second Life.

Scripting tips

.flickr-photo { }.flickr-frame { float: right; text-align: center; margin-left: 15px; margin-bottom: 15px; }.flickr-caption { font-size: 0.8em; margin-top: 0px; }

Tip jar Tip jar, originally uploaded by Ordinal Malaprop.

I have changed the manner in which my showroom operates.

Leave of absence

My lovely Powerbook has just this afternoon gone in for repair, and may be some time (well, hopefully it will be back before the end of the week). Until then however I will not be Second Living, so don't complain if you need to speak to me and I'm not around.

My last act was to modify the rocket mentioned below so that it fires out submunitions on detonation which themselves detonate in random colours half a second later, providing a rather extensive and messy shower of particles.

Not as hard as I thought

Well, colour me an embarrassed shade of mauve - after lots of faffing about with llSetTorque et cie, I find that llRotLookAt does work with physical objects, it's just that you need rather inflated parameters to get it to do anything.

If we declare

float strength; float damping;

at the top of the script, and set those variables to be

strength = llGetMass()*3; damping = strength/3;

in state_entry(), things work out quite well if we just add the instruction to rotate to set_engine, which now look

A project proceeding

Readers interested in Victoriana, steampunk or just good taste and design might be interested to see the preliminary model of a dedicated steampunk sim that is being planned at this very moment.

Jefferson's sim plan model

This impressive maquette was built by Professor Jefferson Gould and continues to grow every day.