A slight feeling of optimism

It seems odd to say it, but I have been rather more optimistic about Second Life recently. Not to the extent of doing anything, admittedly, but there are a few things which have made me tilt my head to one side, raise my eyebrows and briefly nod.

  • I quite like Mr Rodvik Linden's public persona - doing things inworld, building houses around books and so on. A lack of an immediate overwhelming strategy, in favour of learning about how things work first. Whilst as we all know that Second Life Is Not A Game, perhaps somebody who is experienced with Games is more appropriate than somebody who concentrates more on, say, Social Media Strategy.

    Obviously I am not so green1 as to think that his public persona indicates his real attitude, but it does indicate that he or at least people around him are aware of the sort of things which would sit well with Residents, and perhaps make them think that the LindenBoss was One Of Them. Simply having that awareness is a marked improvement, and, in terms of policy...

  • There has been a failure recently to implement anything particularly absurd and regressive. (Well, all right, not as much absurd and regressive stuff as I was expecting.)

  • For the first time in quite a while, I had an idea, thought "that would be terrific in Second Life", and didn't then think "but it's clearly completely pointless to do it there, let my try to shoehorn it into Inform or a web thing or a short story or oh I don't know where is the gin".

  • Hamlet thinks that Second Life is dying. This makes me think that it isn't.

  1. My mother is known to say "I'm not so green as I'm cabbage-looking". I am not sure of the sense of this. 

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Warin Cascabel's picture
17 Mar201105:21
Warin Cascabel (not verified)

Hamlet thinks that Second Life is dying. This makes me think that it isn't.

This made me laugh harder than it probably should have.

Anonymous's picture
17 Mar201106:12
Anonymous (not verified)

smiles :)

HeadBurro Antfarm's picture
17 Mar201110:28
HeadBurro Antfarm (not verified)

Ahhh Hammy's a funny one... I think the nosedive of Blue Mars must have upset him, that and the fact SL isn't facebook despite his best efforts. He needs to earn a living doing whatever it is he does (social media stuff... I'm not really sure what that is) and so will naturally follow the money and that's led him back to the Lab and Rodvik, but his current course is baffling. To actually plan a series of post in which he blames the woes of the Lab on its customers is... well, I'm sure you can fill in your own words of exasperation mixed with some choice Anglo Saxon expletives. All very strange.

Fogwoman Gray's picture
17 Mar201122:45
Fogwoman Gray (not verified)

Ma'am, you just caused a most undiginified explosion of coffee from my nose onto my keyboard. My employer was quite surprised!

Prokofy Neva's picture
21 Mar201119:17
Prokofy Neva (not verified)

It's spring, and Ordinal's in a better mood!

But they did do a repressive thing. They announced they are removing the vote from the JIRA.