The Blissetesque Revolver: a Shameless Commercial Advertisement

The above revolver is now available at my Caledon... well, it isn't really a "shop" any more. It is a large hole in the ground, filled with water. But it is here, and as an extra reward for being bothered to enter the Grid at all these days and potentially looking around other parts of Caledon, the Inworld Price is a mere L$300 for today.

Addendum: The price has now risen, and the revolver can be found for purchase here, though I think you should still buy it inworld, because that is more proper.

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Fogwoman Gray's picture
08 Nov201007:52
Fogwoman Gray (not verified)


Ahem...what a delightful revolver. And a very scenic hole in the ground as well. Great view :)

Denny Kozlov's picture
08 Nov201010:50
Denny Kozlov (not verified)

Pleased to meet you, Ms. Malaprop! I have heard much about you, and am glad to now own this impressive piece of armament of your creation. Had fun scaring neighbors in nearby skyboxen by taking some target practice in my own piece of the sky -- ah well, no harm done except a few punctured eardrums I'm sure. Wonder how it'll do against air kraken?

Anonymous's picture
08 Nov201015:50
Anonymous (not verified)

Oh what delightful good news !!!! Can't wait to visit the hole soon :)

Kara Spengler's picture
04 Jan201112:30
Kara Spengler (not verified)

Now if we can just buy your other toys somewhere. Whenever I pull out one it is usually accompanied by someone asking me where I got it.

kevinanchi's picture
15 Jan201104:45

The video is wonderful, liked it though :)

Nika Talaj's picture
20 Jan201119:13
Nika Talaj (not verified)

Great to see you making things again! Though I'm not into armaments, my alt will be along shortly to pick up a snowball turret. It will be unexpected in our peaceful Winterfell sim! And the splash on being hit is charming.

I'm glad to see you put out one of your freebies. I learned physics from them, and I continue to be chagrined that I didn't get them all while I had the chance. I just enjoyed dropping by your place too much!