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I was informed when previously questioning the Display Name Thing that "usernames formed by concatenating existing SL names are explicitly blocked". Apparently I failed to question whether Display Names that were just exactly the same as existing SL names, rather than being concatenations, would be blocked. I think that I merely assumed that they would be. Apparently not so.

(I am unable to change this now, irritatingly, for a week, it seems.)

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Fogwoman Gray's picture
28 Oct201001:31
Fogwoman Gray (not verified)

/me cackles loudly and waits for the screaming to commence from the west coast of the US.

Solo Mornington's picture
28 Oct201002:53
Solo Mornington (not verified)

The once-per-week change limit is supposed to protect Desmond Shang.


Random Caledonian's picture
28 Oct201003:14
Random Caledonian (not verified)

At least the Guvnah's wearing something different finally.

John Smith's picture
28 Oct201006:33
John Smith (not verified)

This is probably a good thing, for some people, because some people will want to set their Display Name to be their RL name, and they wouldn't be able to do that if it was already used up as an SL name. (There are over 20 million SL names used up already; chances are pretty high that many RL names are in that set.)

Sauce Sorrowman's picture
28 Oct201014:15
Sauce Sorrowman (not verified)

The Lab have actually officially come out in response to numerous requests that existing names be blocked from display names saying that:

"No, display names are not meant to be unique identifiers. Instead, if you notice that others are using a similar display name, feel free to change your own name."

Needless to say, the surname "Linden" is blocked from use...

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28 Oct201020:03
Dale Innis (not verified)

I believe you have slightly misinterpreted the "concatenation" statement that appeared in the Comment area of your previous Posting.

"ordinalmalaprop and other usernames formed by concatenating existing SL names are explicitly blocked" is a limitation on User Names. It is, that is to say, not a statement of any kind about Display Names.

It means that no one can register themselves in Second Life under the (unique and unchanging) user name of "ordinalmalaprop" or "ordinal.malaprop".

It has no bearing whatever on the question of Display Names. Anyone who wishes may change their Display Name to "Ordinal Malaprop" or "Ordinal.Malaprop" or "OrdinalMalaprop", or anything else.

Well, except for that 'Linden' thing...

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30 Dec201019:52
Rachel J.Gibson (not verified)

This might be the good thing, for some.

Gingerbread Android

Kara Spengler's picture
04 Jan201112:27
Kara Spengler (not verified)

LOLs and wonders how many times Des has gotten that pic sent to him. :)

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13 Jan201101:38
Hollys Chevalier (not verified)

Well, at least you're not pregnant. :)