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Culling For The Future

I assume that most readers will be at least familiar with recent news regarding the Not-At-All-Cost-Cutting Measures taken to sack a third of the workforce at Linden Laboratories.

While I do not know the exact job descriptions of all of the hundred-odd Lindens who will be receiving their final Laboratory Paycheque soon, it strikes me that a large proportion of them were those involved in infrastructure development - whether it be projects such as Mono or script limits, or simply Fixing The Grid. (This is not at all to say that those remaining are incompetent by the way, just that I can see that resource has been greatly diminished.)

These were not things that were exactly racing forwards at top speed when everybody was employed. After this cull, I would not expect any sort of technical improvements to the server side of Second Life at all. Forever. Even fixes for the obvious ongoing problems are unlikely. Bear in mind here that existing technical Lindens, whilst not necessarily the same people who developed the original systems, at least had some period of "handover" from those who did - those coming in now will not have even that. This is not something that can be conveniently outsourced.

So: all problems remain, and nothing new arrives. Selfishly, I had been hoping that scripting improvements would appear which would tempt me back, but not only will those not happen, there will not even be things which more normal folk would be interested in, such as perhaps having group chat work.

At the same time as this, we have the statement that "The restructuring enables us to focus and put more emphasis on the consumer business". But surely "consumers" (whoever they might be - surely everyone is a consumer? I assume this means the group that used to be called "residents") need server-side improvements? Not if this "focussing" means cutting down what systems are available to "consumers", and assuming that they are people to have virtual goods sold to them by "creators". Simplified systems to allow one to buy frocks and sofas and show them off in a web browser. Because, of course, that is all that Second Life is - and that is why it has continued when other worlds that basically just allowed this have without exception disappeared. There could not possibly be more to it than that.

You know, I really did want to be drawn back to SL, to look at it again and think "oh for goodness' sake, Ordinal, what an utterly dramatic idiot you have been, say your apologies and make more nonsense widgetry". I still do; I miss the Grid achingly, the unprecedented possibilities and freedoms that it allowed me. But the things which made me leave appear to be just increasing in volume.

P.S. A sad wave goodbye to the already-neglected Teen Grid.

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Ilianexsi's picture
12 Jun201000:15
Ilianexsi (not verified)

I completely understand your feelings of confusion/anger/sadness over all this... this is the first time in all my years in SL that I've really been worried about SL's future. I'm hoping that my fears will prove to be unfounded. I hope one day you do feel confident enough to return-- I want to think it's still possible for SL to be that good. I want SL to one day be worthy of you again. :)

Cinco Pizzicato's picture
12 Jun201004:27
Cinco Pizzicato (not verified)
Erbo Evans's picture
12 Jun201005:55
Erbo Evans (not verified)

Madam, as always, it is a great pleasure to read your words, even after such a prolonged absence. (Of course, I myself have been mostly absent from the environs of the Grid for some time...but my reasons were somewhat different from yours, as all and sundry doubtless know.)

This business of attempting to shoehorn the Second Life Experience into a mere Aethernet Browser troubles me. No browser on Earth could replicate the full functionality of the Viewer we all know and have a Love-Hate Relationship with, and attempting to replicate such in Adobe Flash Technology, to name one obvious possible option, would result in something with the aesthetic appeal of "FarmVille"...and about ten times the instability. Frankly, the sole manner in which I can think of successfully doing so would involve turning the entire Viewer into a mere Plug-In Component, which, while possible, would be (if you will forgive the indelicacy) like conducting Marital Relations through a hole in a Board-Fence...neither easy nor pleasant.

One may hope that, if you are to no longer grace the environs of the Laboratory's Grid with your Presence, that you may find one of the Alternate Universes that use the Open Simulator software to your liking, as others I could name already have. As the vermin are gradually removed from their inner workings, these virtual environs may yet recapture some of the original Spirit the Lindens sought to kindle at the outset.

Mrs. Evans and I are unlikely to truly depart the Linden Environs any time soon, but admittedly, the ties that bind us there are more due to sentiment than anything else at this point. I wonder how long that will be enough.

Maggie Darwin's picture
21 Jun201002:56
Maggie Darwin (not verified)

We note that M. M tells us that the "restructuring enables us to focus".

We have heard the like before, of course:

“Depend upon it, sir, when a man knows he is to be hanged in a fortnight, it concentrates his mind wonderfully.” --Samuel Johnson

"Dans ce pays-ci, il est bon de tuer de temps en temps un Linden pour encourager les autres." -- Voltaire (mutatis mutandis)