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Introducing a New and Exciting Era

I am very excited to announce some very exciting news - or two pieces of news, each as exciting as each other!

Firstly, as part of ongoing efforts to focus on improving your Ordinal experience, I am pleased to announce that I have taken up the position of Community Engagement Operative with Linden Laboratory. Please look out for me under my new name, Ordinal Linden, and I would love to see any of my readers at my office hours, which are scheduled for five hours before you wake up on any given Wednesday.

To set a good example, the Laboratory and I have agreed that I shall be entirely going back on what I have previously said and offering all of my items (apart from the free ones of course!) for sale on Xstreet only. Obviously it would be unethical for any Linden to make any money from inworld businesses, and I would certainly not want to be the first to do so - all profits from Ordinal Enterprises sales on Xstreet will be donated to a fund for Second Life entrepeneurs, maintained by my brother Cardinal Linden (now in the Finance department).

Secondly, I am thrilled about the new initiatives that I will be involved with as part of Linden Laboratory, and I would love to share one of them with you here!

One of the things we have been working hard on here at Linden Laboratory is the group experience in Second Life. Today, we're proud to announce an important step forward as we continue to improve the group experience for Residents; it's simpler, linearer and integrateder with Viewer 2, and provides us with a robust and flexible platform to build on.

The new Second Life Groups 2.0 system is based on a robust and flexible system that will allow even more goodness in 2010 and beyond. Here are some of the key highlights.

  • Improved group management tools. With Groups 2.0 you can manage groups and membership of them entirely from the web, without having to log in to Second Life at all - and confusing functions like land, attachments and build permissions have been cut out, so that anyone can start a group. You and your group members will have a streamlined interface to view announcements, and you can now send pictures and video as well!

  • Improved group chat. In Groups 2.0 you can have 100% reliable individual chat whether you are in SL or not. Open a browser window either inside or outside SL, and talk to your friends! Group messaging in general is far more speedy and reliable.

  • Updated currency options. You will now be able to buy Linden Dollars with Farmville credits. A full amalgamation of your L$ and Farmbook accounts should be taking place by Q3 this year. It might be advisable to start a farm now if you do not already have one.

  • You won't have to wait. Linden Laboratory is already trialing the new Groups 2.0 system, with events such as the Valentine's Day 2010 hunt. Migration of all existing groups into the new format is taking place as we speak and will be complete by the 31st of April. After this date, all of the Second Life 1.0 Groups will be removed, so you'll never accidentally carry out an old group operation.

I am sure that you are all as excited as I am by Groups 2.0, and can't wait to try the system out - you'll be happy to hear that you can set up profiles and groups right now by logging in at the Groups 2.0 homepage. (You may have to set up another account at the moment, but rest assured that we will be making sure there's a single sign-on for all these services as soon as possible.)

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Scott M.'s picture
01 Apr201000:17
Scott M. (not verified)


M.'s picture
01 Apr201000:49
M. (not verified)

I thought we agreed you would be "O. Linden", get with the program O, and while your at it, hurry up and write that interface for SecondLife Groups 2.0 in LSL, but make sure you compile to LSL and not Mono, we can't handle more Mono.

You know I had mono once, got it after giving Phil a big wet kiss, god it was horrible.

Mitzy Shino's picture
01 Apr201000:55
Mitzy Shino (not verified)

in the words of a cali girl: "nu uh"

Malburns Writer's picture
01 Apr201001:10
Malburns Writer (not verified)

Woot! and such great timing lol!

Samantha Poindexter's picture
01 Apr201001:12
Samantha Poindexter (not verified)

Is there any truth to the rumor that "poking" will now be considered a violation of the TOS? Because I may have to start a protest group if so...

markbyron falta's picture
01 Apr201002:20
markbyron falta (not verified)

We ain't no April Fool!

Anonymous's picture
01 Apr201002:48
Anonymous (not verified)

April Fools!

Fogwoman Gray's picture
01 Apr201002:54
Fogwoman Gray (not verified)

I, for one, welcome our new Linden Overlord....

rikomatic's picture
01 Apr201004:38
rikomatic (not verified)

congrats! that's so exciting!

You've got quite a huge task ahead of you. But I'm always impressed with your work and energy, so I'm sure you'll do great.

Frans Linden's picture
01 Apr201005:56
Frans Linden (not verified)

I'm glad you have joined the Linden Lavatory as well Ordinal. It looks like we will be working against each other.

I will be working on a project to make the amount of groups smaller, this will relieve load on the back end servers and cause less lag. We will start to bring it down to 20 groups, end of this month, April 31st. And then we gradually lower it to 5 groups, on April 31st 2011. So start leaving your silly groups!

Secondly we will now need 10 differently verified avatars to create a group. This will ensure that groups are really used for useful usefulness, and not some useless uselessness.

As for currency, we will be removing that completely and become a totalitarian teki wiki social utopia. All your content belongs to Mother Linden, and will be redistributed equally, independent of talent or wealth.

And best of all you don't have to wait either, just create a account on osgrid, because soon Second Life and OsGrid will be merged!

Troy McLuhan's picture
01 Apr201008:20
Troy McLuhan (not verified)

I'm pleased to add that I, too, have something rather pleasing to add, and, to be sure, to state forthwith:

Friendly Bleatings! If the rumors are to be believed (and why not?), the Linden Laboratory shall soon be referenced as "Linden License Management" in all circumstances wherein one feels licentious or inclined towards abstract precise verbose conversations on the nature of intellectual property.

Also, to better celebrate the amazing creativity of SL's residents, the laboratory is completing the final details on what promises to be a most spectacular feat of engineering: a giant steam-powered mechanical golden albatross capable of carrying 23 avatars on its back as it swoops among the castles, giant redwoods, and radio towers of SL. It will be operated around the clock by a dedicated staff of four LL employees who rotate shifts and rotate shafts so as to steer the giant albatross on its endless (albeit punctuated) journey towards...


Kate Nicholas's picture
01 Apr201011:57
Kate Nicholas (not verified)

Well-played, madame, well-played!

Poisson d'Avril's picture
01 Apr201018:45
Poisson d'Avril (not verified)


You made me smile. I'd smile more if you would take over M's job as well. Un bonne Poisson d'Avril

Another April Fool

Alazarin Mondrian's picture
01 Apr201021:39
Alazarin Mondrian (not verified)

Yes, it's April Fool's day again ;-)

Well played, Ordinal!

Fuzzball Ortega's picture
01 Apr201023:00
Fuzzball Ortega (not verified)

Nice.......and funny. True genius in this post, and I ain't foolin' ya on that.

Tried to play along in my own blog, but I'm afraid with unemployment and such, I just really wasn't up for it.

Still......Ordinal Linden would've been a great addition. Would also probably mean that I'd have to tone down my "Love Letters To The Lindens", which usually drops a few words that are not meant for proper ladies and gentlemen of the era that I normally hang out inworld.

Kiwini Oe's picture
01 Apr201023:47
Kiwini Oe (not verified)

Is the 31st of April like the 12th of Never?

Daniel Smith's picture
02 Apr201013:24
Daniel Smith (not verified)

This is outstanding to hear. Many people, myself included, have missed seeing your talented work.

Daniel Smith's picture
02 Apr201013:30
Daniel Smith (not verified)

Oh dear. Only after posting so enthusiastically did I notice the date on this post.

I really do hope this hasn't all been a ruse.

Dwayanu Weyland's picture
02 Apr201018:07
Dwayanu Weyland (not verified)

Sigh....fell for it, hook line and sinker. My wife and daughter (Farmville residents) won't stop laughing at me.


Gwyneth Llewelyn's picture
05 Apr201002:52
Gwyneth Llewelyn (not verified)

Aha! So that's why you were announcing that you were going to "leave SL", or at least "limiting your activity" in-world :)

Good luck on your new job at Fool's Lab... oops I meant Linden Lab! *giggles*

Mano's picture
06 Apr201010:36
Mano (not verified)

Nice fish!

Caliandris's picture
13 Apr201010:13
Caliandris (not verified)

It's good to see you still have a sense of humour. It *would* make sense to recruit you... so I don't expect it will happen!