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Mercantile insanity, short version

Dear Customers,

As of this moment, no products from Ordinal Enterprises will be available from Xstreet until further notice.

I am currently engaged in the Composition of a Longer Piece on the subject, but those interested in what might perhaps have brought about this move might wish to look at the following:

This journal entry has been brought to you free, gratis and for nothing, and did not incur a L$99 listing fee.



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Magggnnus Woodget's picture
19 Nov200903:36
Magggnnus Woodget (not verified)

Bravo! If this announcement isn't a cruel joke, I shall have to de-list my items from this electronic mercantile service as well.

Fogwoman Gray's picture
19 Nov200905:06
Fogwoman Gray (not verified)

Ah yes, it is just about the time for the annual pre-holiday distraction. This year, we are blaming our content creators for ruining the economy with freebies!
Well, thank heavens they fixed all the server performance issues by shutting down all the ebil OS abusers last year at this time.

Skusting Dagger's picture
19 Nov200915:06
Skusting Dagger (not verified)

An outrage! I think I shall follow your lead!

Lets not penalize the old avatar by using his name's picture
20 Nov200900:40
Lets not penalize the old avatar by using his name (not verified)

After two years in SL, spending many evening and weekend hours building dozens of high quality furniture, buildings, homes and scripts, that I either sold or gave away on Xstreet (5000 texture changer rugs given away in the last 90 days) I pulled all my products off of Xstreets, abandoned to the estate manager my 16,000+ square meter estate and gave my avatar and his inventory worth over $1500 US to an acquaintance I met in SL. I quit SL and I feel better for it. It became obvious to me that management at Linden Labs, a $50M+ year revenue enterprise is truly and verifiably, not dedicated to the welfare and happiness of their users. I became very uncomfortable knowing that as a user of the Second Life system, and someone who had spent over $3000 US in 24 months that flowed through that organization, that I was being used by Linden Labs for purposes that were not in my best interests. For me it was not about the money, I do not struggle financially. However it became very obvious to me that Linden Labs with their large revenue stream was imminently capable of greatly enhancing the user experience, of making decisions that would make the users happier, of making the moves to do many of the long outstanding things that the user base has always asked for, but that they are deliberately choosing not to do these things. In good consciousness I could no longer support being a part of such an organization. In the month since I left Second Life I have found alternative virtual worlds of great sophistication and perhaps greater integrity than Linden Labs. I can say without doubt I am enjoying my computer time building things in a different virtual world far more than I previously was in Second Life. This extreme move is not for everyone, but for me it was a breath of fresh air and I am very pleased that I left Second Life for a better life.

Denver Hax's picture
20 Nov200919:16
Denver Hax (not verified)

I pulled all my creations from Xlstreet and I and my army of alts have removed all our funds from the same. LL seems to have lost the plot again.
while no one disputes they need to make a profit, the way they go about it shows a staggering contempt for their customers, which may be counter productive and could be costing them those big fat corporate accounts they seem to want so badly, many firms will see how an organisation treats it's existing customers before commiting money and time (oh dear). Were I fat-cat corporation inc. I would not touch these folks with a nuclear tipped missile based on the sensitive thoughtful way they handle their current paying customers.

Viv Trafalgar's picture
20 Nov200922:52
Viv Trafalgar (not verified)

I have done the same.

"It is with deep regret that i am have deactivated my xstreet shop based on Linden Lab's recent policy decision. While I did not offer freebies online, I believe we are all impacted by this, in particular those who wished to share their work freely for the benefit of all. ...

[various statements of where my work can be found go here]


Moreover i do not wish to pay support fees for a product that does not work well. "

Ignatius Onomatopoeia's picture
21 Nov200900:11
Ignatius Onomatopoeia (not verified)

Linden Lab is grasping at straws; I really doubt their claims of continued profitability.

One wonders if they read the recent NY Times story about Facebook's goldmine in virtual goods and said "hey! implement that at Xstreetsl tomorrow!"

They are a ship lurching from disaster to disaster. Might be time to see how we can extract copies of our content for later use in OpenSim, before the ship sinks. No wonder Philip Rosedale dove overboard.

Tendrik Carr's picture
21 Nov200917:08
Tendrik Carr (not verified)

I de-listed my goods on Friday. While I did not have free products listed on the site (I have those at my in-world store), my problem was with the listing fees. I do have have some higher priced items (buildings), but most of my products sell for less than L$150 and the fees to be charged are ridiculous. So it's in-world only for me (until madness overtakes LL again...).

Ordinal Malaprop's picture
25 Nov200901:10
Ordinal Malaprop

Since I have written a longer piece now, I would direct any would-be commenters to that: Mercantile Insanity, Longer Version