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A Request for Suggestions Regarding Adult Content

It is my Rezday today, and given that, I decided to make myself a Present of 512 Square Metres of land. (Tier for which I will not be paying due to my Premium Status - a term which always makes me feel like some sort of ham. Premium Ordinal Meat, L$100 per pound!)

In any case: I have bought a small plot at Raindown (137,57). My intention there is to make an actual Adult Library; things which actual adults might be interested in, as opposed to the ridiculous fantasies of adolescents pretending to be older than they are, or older folk pretending to be younger than they are.

I would welcome suggestions as to the sort of Adult Content which might be included here. Mortgages? The obtaining of a Pension? How to deal with a particularly persistent Paramour whom one half-desires and is likely to be weak towards, yet whose actions are clearly harmful? (Cease all communication no matter of what sort!) And so on.

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Fogwoman Gray's picture
10 Sep200900:49
Fogwoman Gray (not verified)

I would suggest some tomes directed to the more pastoral sorts, who might seek to grow some sorts of grasses to provide a relaxing vista upon which to rest the eyes from a shady porch.
These might best be shelved near those manuals instructing in the most efficient ways in which to instruct the young in appropriate deportment, most especially in those situation in which said grassy expanses might be endangered by an inconsiderately traversing young hooligan.

Magdalena Kamenev's picture
10 Sep200900:57
Magdalena Kamenev (not verified)

Self-payment of taxes for the self-employed. General procedure for getting a zoning variance. Resources for elder law!

Whatcha Eaton's picture
10 Sep200903:20
Whatcha Eaton (not verified)

Guides for the selection and procurement of sensible footwear for any given weather.
Personal Finances; bank account balancing.
Robert's Rules of Order (for Linden office hours, of course)
"Your, You're, Their, There, They're, It's, Its: A Primer"

Dale Innis's picture
10 Sep200903:32
Dale Innis (not verified)

Having subjected myself once again to the official Laboratory definition of the word "Adult", I have some half-hearted suggestions:

Scholarly monographs on the history and proper use of various Remedies, natural and artificial, that are regarded in a negative light under certain legal systems; such as monographs on the taking of Opium, Snuff, and Wormwood.

Further scholarly monographs, ideally illustrated, on the history of such exotic implements such as the Thumb-Screw and the "Iron Maiden", as used in former times for unspeakable purposes. (Being careful to avoid any of those scandalous rag-sheets aimed at exciting the prurient imagination.)

Documents and charts of the medical sort, depicting the unclothed human body for instructional or diagnostic purposes, with a degree of visual accuracy sufficient that it "either is or cannot be distinguished from a photograph" (to use the Laboratory terms).

Materials of these sorts might be of at least some passing interest to Adults, while also fitting the Laboratory definition of that otherwise-common word, thus justifying their presence in the Zindra Exile.

Although the selection of sensible footwear might be more valuable, all told.

Peter Stindberg's picture
10 Sep200909:02
Peter Stindberg (not verified)

For me personally I realized that a taste for Whisky has come with adulthood. From a (horrible tasting) in-drink as a teenager, I came to cherish the nuances and flavors, the artisanship and craftsmanship in creating them, and - most prominent - the incredible patience and tradition essential to its production. I am sure this applies to Cognac, certain vines and cigars as well, however for me Whisky does it in this aspect. So some literature on the tradition and culture of Whisky and its production is definitely "adult" for me.

Dio's picture
10 Sep200917:04
Dio (not verified)

Brilliant concept, Ordinal.

How about "Either/Or" by Søren Kierkegaard, "No Exit" by Jean-Paul Sartre, and then just for laughs, Tolstoy's "Anna Karenina" on the bookshelves?

If you have an audio/visual section you could include some recordings of Puccini operas (doesn't really matter which ones) and a dvd of "The Lion in Winter" (the 1968 film version with Peter O'Toole and Katherine Hepburn)

Jaymin Carthage's picture
10 Sep200919:15
Jaymin Carthage (not verified)

Advice on raising children. You know, don't spare the rod and spoil the child. That sort of thing.

Chip Uni's picture
12 Sep200906:41
Chip Uni (not verified)

I recommend tomes of Mathematics (to grant the reader the ability to think) and Ethics (to grant the reader something to think about). I equally recommend music to lift the souls of the visitors to your library. Perhaps a light sprinkling of Horrorcore?

Lawra Idlemind's picture
21 Nov200913:50
Lawra Idlemind (not verified)

What this "adult" needs is a juvenile-adult dictionary, perhaps with the title "Txtspk 4 teh Literate".

Despite having stated a clear preference for being addressed in English, or indeed any of around six different languages with which I am passingly familiar, I keep encountering messages which I cannot dechifer.

Since my otherwise serviceable Translator is of no assistance, I must conclude that this is no formerly known written language and so assume it must be txt.