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Self-Examination; or, Not Protest But Preservation

A Thing has recently occurred to me - well, in fact, the Thing is not in itself that new, but more a confluence of Two Other Observations which I had thought Independent.


The first is that I have not been Upon The Grid an awful lot recently. This is something that does come to the Elderly - reduced Mobility - and I had thought it mostly a symptom of one of those periods of general Ennui that is known to afflict us all, and attempted to treat it with assorted Creative Linctuses. (Lincti? Lincta? Oh, Latin was never my strongest subject.) I have forced myself into Harsh Regimens of Strict Notebooking and a diet of Ink and Pencils, and Providence, or future Biographers, or more likely Puzzled Public Servants tasked with disposing of my Affairs, will be able to attest that my personal Notebooks are really quite full of all sorts of ideas; my Project List is bulging, my Tasks overflow.

Yet despite a million interesting things to do I have not actually done them. In contrast, in matters not related to Second Life I have found that I have had no issue. For instance, I have a toy project building what could be termed a "browser MMO". With this, I have had no motivational or practical issues at all, despite it being considerably less pretty and considerably shallower than many of my Second Life plans.


The second is that I despise Chat Lag. I have been through the usual phases here - firstly, Amusement:

Ha ha, my words are out of order and my sentences appear minutes after I have said them, making it impossible to communicate! Let me see if I can exploit this for Comic Effect, ho ho!

then Acceptance:

Oh well, my words are out of order and my sentences appear minutes after I have said them, making it impossible to communicate. I suppose that it is Friday*.

* please change day as appropriate

then Fruitless Anger:

Gah! My words are out of order and my sentences appear minutes after I have said them, making it impossible to communicate! This is driving me absolutely potty! It must be addressed immediately!

but really, these days it is more:

Oh. My words are out of order blah blah. So either I don't speak or I am unpredictably frustrated when I speak. (logs out)

Because of course

  • it is not funny;
  • waiting does not make it better; and
  • complaining does not make it better (though does not make it worse either); and
  • the only thing to do is react as appropriate.


"But why, Ordinal," you may well ask, "is Chat Lag enough to cause you to Log Out?" Because to be quite frank the practice of Building and Scripting and General Creation is a solitary one, and I am not by nature a particularly solitary Person. I am certainly not an astoundingly Social one, but I do both require and enjoy the company of my Peers. Simultaneously if I am to create anything I must stay pretty much in one place during the process.

Therefore, Chatter within particular Groups is essential. There is no proper substitute quite frankly; I can view Discussion Boards or IRC or Other Alternative Avenues but they take me outside of the world and distract me from my work. I would rather pick one or the other. I cannot pop across to an Inworld Area in order to chat Locally as that would take me out of my Workshop; I do not really believe that most Social Venues would be all that accommodating of many of the ridiculous things that I am known to rez.

By all means combine that with the incredible Frustration felt when one believes that one's message will be received, one spends some time and effort on it, only to have it swallowed, perhaps to be spat up again at an inappropriate moment.


The Thing that I mentioned that has Occurred to me is that actually these two matters are not entirely separate. Something makes me think "yes but I don't really want to" when I look at my Grid-related goals (I am very happy to do things on the subject which do not require me to log in - I must have some of the best-planned projects within Second Life, by now) which does not happen with other projects.

Basically, chat lag kills my Second Life, not to put too fine a point on it. Joking about it does not achieve anything. Attempting to wait it out does not achieve anything (in fact it is one thing that has gotten considerably worse as time has gone on). Complaining about it does not achieve anything either - there are JIRA issues going back to, well, the start of the Public JIRA, without action, and any complaints that I make are likely to be Intemperate and Unhelpful in any case due to my Frustration.

In a situation which one cannot affect, one must then deal with as best one can, and it appears that my instincts have decided amongst themselves that the "cons" frequently outweigh the "pros". So I do not log in because it is not an enjoyable experience. And that is that. There really is no other issue which affects my experience quite so much; prim snapback, asset failures and so on can be extremely annoying, but at least if I can speak to my peers we may share a joke on the matter. A failure of communication, and, well, I can shout at prims, but I really would consider scripting prims to share jokes about chat lag with me to be the actions of a Mentally Damaged Hermit.


At the end of all of the above, I am not convinced that stating it has advanced my situation particularly, but self-knowledge does make me feel slightly better.

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Caliburn Susanto's picture
09 May200902:22
Caliburn Susanto (not verified)

I agree, including nothing will be done. However, unless you have a very different experience, I find that IM does not lag when channel 0 is giving me the snarl & spits, so having a 1-on-1 or small group conversation in IM seems to do the trick of defusing my impending apoplexy.

Have you tried that? Or is it a matter of "it should work propery" principle?

Ceejay Writer's picture
09 May200902:41
Ceejay Writer (not verified)

I understand this. I too need that point of connection with my peers, while writing on my own. I can't write in a total vacuum, even though the notion of escaping to a remote cabin in the woods to produce the Next Great American Novel is a daydream. I know it's not a PRACTICAL daydream.

Honestly, I need my New Babbage city chats and a couple close friends at my elbow as I write. It helps more than those people ever know.

Maggie Darwin's picture
09 May200908:41
Maggie Darwin (not verified)

While it is true that Nothing Has Been Done about group chat lag, and in fact it has not even been decided Exactly What Should Be Done, it is clear to me that the Laboratories are aware of the problem and are at least not seized of the conviction to do simply any random thing for the sake of not looking like they are doing nothing.

I offer as evidence


The statistics for the Group Chat Use Case are rather sobering; they'd be challenging even for carefully written and well-designed software...much less for Second Life. :-)

Ordinal Malaprop's picture
09 May200911:42
Ordinal Malaprop

Oh, indeed, certainly many Lindens are themselves aware (how, really, could then not be?) and there are all sorts of plans and so on - thank you for that document by the way, it is rather interesting.

I am attempting to balance things between observation and expression, and not turning the matter into a Lengthy Whine, and I am not sure that I have properly managed it here to be honest. I do have a nasty tendency towards fruitless criticism and it is something that I would like to suppress, as it mostly serves merely to cause Offence. (I confess that I am not, in practice, terribly effective in this suppression, but one can only apologise and attempt to do better in future.)

Ordinal Malaprop's picture
09 May200911:51
Ordinal Malaprop

Mr Susanto: indeed, chatter with Individuals and Small Groups is mostly reliable even at times of Stress, but I find in practice that this does not really satisfy. Which is not to say that I am not very happy to converse with Individuals and Small Groups, but more that I rarely find that I have much particularly to say, and feel somewhat guilty about bothering them. An Open Forum of Conversation, where one might pop in and out and which continues regardless of immediate levels of inspiration, is more the thing.

Perhaps, though, I should try to make a bit more effort in that direction in future.

soror Nishi's picture
16 May200900:02
soror Nishi (not verified)

I am most frustrated that extensive hours are used to rectify Things Which Are Not Broken, e.g. Adult/Mature/PG definitions, when this Subject and Others are basically left to wither....

A Prim Hermit.