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A Movement Drupalwards

Not, you understand, that there is anything wrong with the popular Journalling System, "Wordpress", but I have for the time being left it alone and moved the Engine Fit For My Proceeding And Apparently Fit For Yours Since You Do Seem To Be Reading It to work using that hive of open-source Communism, "Drupal".

The reasons for this are fairly straightforward, and I shall list them briefly here.

  1. I wished to see whether I could, whilst leaving all of the links to my Previous Journalings intact, and also without interfering with the existing Appearance and Function. (Apparently I could, as far as I can tell, anyway. If something appears Wrong please do inform me as soon as possible.)

  2. I poke and tinker with the DrupalThing on a professional basis very regularly, a circumstance which results in a pleasing Symbiosis. My professional poking and tinkering experience allows me to rapidly and effectively poke and tinker with this system personally, and the more that I interfere with it on a personal basis, the greater my Skill and the greater the benefit to my Employers; thus a Smile is brought to the faces of all parties concerned, and in these trying times, heaven knows the more Smiles that exist in the world, the Better.

  3. Keen observers will have noticed that I do, on occasion, refer to Scripts and Other Code on this Journal. The WordpressWotsit is not particularly good for storing the Inner Workings of said items, being mostly designed to keep track of Posts and Pages. Previously, I have been storing Scripts upon a Wiki, which is a rather crude solution. The DrupalThing, on the other hand, has the benefit of allowing one to create arbitrary "content types" with different fields and Display Options, and also take advantage of types generously provided by the Community; to this end I have utilised the "geshinode" module to allow me to add specific "source code" entries, and I have further tinkered with bits and pieces to have these entries wider than usual and with an area that allows me to easily link them to explanatory journal entries. As well as this, the "views" module allows me to simply generate a categorised list of them, which you, dear reader, may see by visiting the "Scripts" link at the top of the page.

  4. In general, really, the DrupalThing is more easily Configurable and Extensible. Some readers may be aware that my current main Employer is the firm "Rezzable" and I have quite some history of creating various Interactions between their Drupal Site and the Second Life Grid - and, I might add, other grids, if that is not too bizarre a concept. Whilst I have no current plans to do anything along those lines here, the possibilities exist. For instance I may well begin to list my own Products here as well, store documentation for them, that sort of thing.

I could not, in all Honesty, recommend the DrupalThing for the typical Writer of Sequential Prose - in most cases Wordpress is a far better solution. It does however suit my Tinkering Instincts and thus I have engaged in this Movement. I would hope that nobody is Inconvenienced at all and, in fact, that the General Utility of my Witterings is Greatly Enhanced by this process.

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Peter Stindberg's picture
23 Apr200909:09
Peter Stindberg (not verified)

Was it your intention to only post a snippet to the feed? Generally I do not like it at all when only teasers gets put to the feed, and usually I remove these kinds of blog from my feed reader rather soon. The teasers barely entice me to click on the link and reach the blog page. That sort of defeats the purpose of a feed reader, and is usually only used by sites who rely on advertising.

So if it was NOT your intention - which I hope - I look forward to read your future posts in full lenght from the comfort of my feed reader.

Ordinal Malaprop's picture
23 Apr200909:12
Ordinal Malaprop

Actually, no - I also find abbreviated posts very annoying in RSS. I shall have to fix that, and thank you for making me aware of it.

Ordinal Malaprop's picture
23 Apr200909:15
Ordinal Malaprop

That seems to have fixed it.

Dale Innis's picture
23 Apr200918:21
Dale Innis (not verified)

Aside from the re-appearance of all of the Recently Posted Items as "new" in my Google Mechanism for the Reading of Syndication Feeds, the Drupalward movement seems to have been without negative consequence for this Regular Reader. And indeed the problem of unwanted post truncation seems to have gone away from my vantage as well. Thank you!

(I would also like to express my appreciation to your reader "Stow" above, for a good dose of surreal text on a Drowzy Morning.)

Ordinal Malaprop's picture
23 Apr200918:34
Ordinal Malaprop

"Different" as said chap might have been, we are not at home to travelling pharmaceutical salesmen I fear.

Frans Charming's picture
23 Apr200923:30
Frans Charming (not verified)

Aha, quite some interesting information here. Are there some public interactions between the Rezzable Drupal Aethernet site and a grid you could guide me to. I would be delighted to play around and learn with the results of your tinkering.

Ordinal Malaprop's picture
24 Apr200921:52
Ordinal Malaprop

If one registers with the Rezzable Aethernet Site, one will then be able to access the "Alpha Grid", which is an opensim thing managed from within Drupal. The actual mechanisms by which it does so are not all that entertaining mind you (by design - they should not be visible or interfere).

FoxM's picture
21 May200909:05
FoxM (not verified)

Are there some public interactions between the Rezzable Drupal Aethernet site and a grid you could guide me to. good write up, very interesting read

Ordinal Malaprop's picture
21 May200910:28
Ordinal Malaprop

There is some information on the Avatar Link Station system in the FAQ on the Rezzable site - http://rezzable.com/faq

There is also the Virtual Worlds Directory - http://rezzable.com/vwdirectory - and the Private Grid Alpha - http://rezzable.com/pga - which is the Opensim that is connected to Rezzable.