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The Artemis Shotgun and Kolibri 2.7mm Automatic Pistol

Yes, I am aware that the post where I invited scripting questions remains Unjustly Unanswered, but I would like to quickly announce, with the minimum of Fuss, a pair of Products from Ordinal Industries, the nature of which should really be pretty self-explanatory given their names, and should be even more obvious given the following Auditory/Visual Demonstrations.

For those wishing even more detail, I shall now include, well, a little more Detail.

Details of the Artemis



Congratulations on your purchase of the Ordinal Artemis Shotgun! This Semi-Automatic Ten-Gauge Smoothbore Longarm is ideal for:

  • Sporting Purposes, including the hunting of Wildfowl, Small Tigers, Haggis and Lawyers;
  • Defence of Life, Limb and Property against the Unwise Approaches of Ne'er-Do-Wells;
  • Occasional Military or Para-Military Action.

The Ordinal Gyroscopic Automated Sighting System (Patent Pending) will aid your aim in situations where Sure Footing is available - whilst protecting the fragile Optical Lens during movement.


Operation of the Artemis Shotgun should be straightforward; simply Wear the shotgun (attaching to the right hand) to carry it, then enter Mouselook (with the M key) and Left Click one's Mouse to fire.

Each cartridge of Buckshot contains six individual projectiles, and the Drum Magazine holds thirteen of these cartridges. When all shots have been fired, you will automatically eject the spent Drum and reload with a fresh one.

Due to its weight and recoil, the Artemis Shotgun is noticeably less accurate when fired from the Hip (in other words, when one is Moving). However, when standing still, you will be able to pop up the sights and enter a proper aiming stance, with all shots travelling far closer to the Chosen Direction. Given that this is a Shotgun, of course, please do not expect any amazing accuracy at Extreme Ranges.


For the benefit of the Curious, the Cyclic Rate of Fire of the Artemis Shotgun is 80 Cartridges per Minute (or, 480 Sub-Projectiles). Including time to Reload, the effective rate of fire is more along the lines of one cartridge per second.

Ordinal Industries is sensitive to concerns relating to the Environment, and thus all cartridges are constructed from Materials guaranteed to Biologically Degrade within one century. The Buckshot itself is made from Ethically-Sourced Lead, and up to One Per Cent of all sales revenues go towards Fair Trade purposes (specifically, the purchase of Fairly-Traded Coffee for Ms Malaprop).

Details of the Kolibri

The Kolibri 2.7mm Automatic Pistol from Ordinal Industries is a replica of the original Kolibri 2.7mm Automatic, the smallest calibre production pistol ever manufactured. Whilst it must be admitted that everything is larger in Second Life, and thus, to scale, the Kolibri is not quite as small as it could be, it is certainly very tiny.

As one expects from Ordinal Industries, careful attention has been paid to detail in reconstructing the Kolibri, with textures drawn from authentic sources. In operation, the Kolibri has custom animations and can be drawn from a number of different concealment points, much like the Ordinal Derringer - new to the Kolibri are the options to conceal the pistol in a handbag held in the left hand, or in one's decolletage. Different ammunition types are selectable, including "solid" (a standard Linden Damage projectile), "kinetic" (an unauthentic heavy bullet delivering a physical impact) and "flash" (a distinctly unauthentic isotope-cored bullet which propels the target upwards with a sharp burst of light).

Dale Innis's picture
05 Apr200907:55
Dale Innis (not verified)

Applause, applause! These should be greatly appreciated by the public at large!

Maggie Darwin's picture
15 Apr200909:46
Maggie Darwin (not verified)

Bought them both, and I'm very well pleased with them. The very high quality build and scripting we've come to expect from Ms. Malaprop. Five stars.