Festive Pudding-Hunting Pursuits - a Preliminary

My punctuality remains as dismal as it has always been, but I am determined to release this particular Christmas-Related Product before Christmas.

Some readers may be aware of my "Steel Pigeon Projector", which has been sitting outside my shop practically forever. The Pudding Cauldron is a slightly festive relation of said device, projecting Aerial Plum Puddings from one of four doors, which can be Shot Down if one is Hungry and also is able to overcome assorted Collision Bugs.

pudding_cauldron_beta_0 pudding_cauldron_beta_1 pudding_cauldron_beta_2

Puddings do have a number of different behaviours; at the lowest level of awareness they merely bimble about and are not terribly nutritious. Certain more advanced puddings have developed the ability to use Raisins as Eyes, and can flee from nearby Hunters - and some are Aggressively Figgy and have decided that, if they are to be cooked and expelled into Caledon for the entertainment of folk, they might as well take their revenge on the nearest person by gad.

Unlike the previous Pigeon Thing, scoring is much more comprehensive and handled by a Mysterious Otherworldly Entity - a tamed spirit that sits there and painstakingly records every Pudding Death that occurs in a stained, capacious ledger.

In any case, the Cauldron is present outside my shop at the moment and I would appreciate any comments. Touch it to release a Pudding, of random Variety. I shall release the thing fairly shortly for General Sale in any case; otherwise, I will just be attempting to sell Christmas Leftovers. Though puddings do keep pretty much indefinitely.

Juko Tempel's picture
24 Dec200802:39
Juko Tempel (not verified)

Oh.. this post is wonderful! I enjoyed it so much, I read it several times chortling away - I still haven't seen the Product in question, but I will!! Most amusing and positively inspiring Mr Malaprop, if I may say so :-)

Juko Tempel's picture
24 Dec200802:41
Juko Tempel (not verified)

sigh.. my apologies.. Miss Malaprop!

Morgane's picture
17 Jan200908:05
Morgane (not verified)

Over the course of waiting for a phone call to end , I have blasted a lot of puddings. Even though the pudding behavior gets predictable, I must have a cauldron for my remote bit of land. A trigger happy friend had a look and she says that it's one of the best target games going.