Snowball Turretting Commercial Notice

Further snow-related news: I have put out for Open Sale an Automatic Device which fires Snowballs at whomever might be within its range.

The Turret is copiable (so many may be placed) and controllable by the owner either individually by touch, or en masse via a controlling device. Range and rate of fire and such can be changed; the turret can be activated, de-activated or repaired. Turrets can also be disabled by repeated impact from fast-moving projectiles. A Demonstration of this in Cinematic Form will be soon appearing.

The price for this is a mere L$100 - and, for the next twenty-four hours or so, the turret will be available for only L$50 from my Caledon shop!

Tabliopa Underwood's picture
30 Dec200808:17
Tabliopa Underwood (not verified)

I went to your shop other day. I see the Turret Guns in the yard. Was 3 of them. They start shooting at me. ooo! So I pull out my popgun from my library and I shoot them back. Was lots fun because I find out that you can blow them up if you shoot them enough times. Like about 20 times =)

I also find out that if you sit on the Turret Gun it tries to shoot you and it cant because you sitting on it and it just swings around blasting away at the sky and is like a snowball shower merry-go-round. lol kool =)

I also have look at your Pudding thingy. I wasnt sure what do with it at first. So I just Touch it and a pudding came out and start bumping me ooo! So I shoot the cauldron. hehehe =) I figure out after a while I spose to shoot the puddings lol =) I not able to shoot the puddings down very well. Actually I never hit any of them. o well =) I maybe need a lasersight on my popgun or something.

After a while a neighbour came and ask me to stop because some my popcorn was going all over their place when I miss what I was shooting at. So I do like they ask.

Was great fun though. Thx =)

Nocti Heliosense's picture
19 Jan200906:32
Nocti Heliosense (not verified)

Last night I was out exploring the neighborhood by air when I encountered fire (snow, rather) from your Turret Guns. They are somewhat effective against small flying vehicles as mine took quite a buffeting and was knocked upside-down a few times!

I had an enjoyable time playing with them. I tried to see if I could avoid being hit and it can be done if you are moving fast enough, but they are very accurate when they have you in their sights.