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Outrageous and so on

I drag myself out of Aethernet Hibernation, prompted by a certain level of outrage. My preferred Cinema Hosting Site, Vimeo - a place that I have spent some time promoting, as it has always seemed to me a comfortable and technologically advanced place to host one's Cinema - seems to have made an odd decision:

The Vimeo staff has decided that we are no longer going to allow gaming videos on Vimeo. Specifically, we are no longer going to allow game walk-throughs, game strategy videos, depictions of player vs player battles, raids, fraps, or any other video gaming videos that simply depict individuals playing a video game. Videos falling into this category will be subject to deletion as of September 1st; new videos of this type will be removed.

Of course, as a resident of Second Life one immediately says "and so how does this concern me? I am not playing any sort of 'game', in fact I have taken time from instructing my employees and dealing with clients and speaking to my latest beau just to read your rubbish, Ordinal, this had best be good". But, and I hate to say this, in many quarters Second Life is considered a "game". I know, improbably, but it is regularly placed alongside Chess and Poker and the World Of Warcraft and other Activities Which Actually Have A Point To Them. Certainly I am not at all confident that a proper distinction will be made here when it comes to removing old pieces of cinema (such as, well, all of mine).

Obviously it is, literally, the choice of the folk who own the particular Aethernet Site in question as to what they allow, but ethically speaking when one has a certain community which has served to promote the service one has built up, one has a certain responsibility to it. And regardless of that, good god, were I to upload an hour's worth of my wandering around Caledon I cannot see how that could be termed as somehow less worthy than a video of myself wandering around London. Or playing with a Cat.

Speaking personally I find myself in a state of Flux now; I am not sure whether my Cinema will be determined as being "machinima" (Good Game - for the moment at least) or "depicting individuals playing a video game" (Bad Game naughty delete in September). I am terribly susceptible to Anxiety and thus may decide simply to remove everything and make it generally known that Vimeo is not a place for Cinematic Artists. However, I would advise anyone wishing to investigate these distinctions to join the folk on the Vimeo General Forum, or perhaps leave a comment on their Journal Entry announcing this. I am sure that Proper and Satisfactory Clarification will be received forthwith.

Zoe Connolly's picture
28 Jul200806:23
Zoe Connolly (not verified)

It is indeed outrageous! And a few other choice words I shall not disgrace your blog by using here in the comments.

I've enjoyed the quality of the website since you brought Vimeo to my attention and I've just been using it during the past 30 days or so. I was planning to use my account there as an archive of my favorite machinima.

I know there's YouTube, WeGame and many others. But this is very disappointing.


Bettina Tizzy's picture
28 Jul200811:54
Bettina Tizzy (not verified)

I had not heard of Vimeo's new policy until now, Ordinal. I wonder what prompted this? It is, indeed, a very serious problem. In addition to possibly deleting the only copies of many people's videos, they will also be damaging many blogposts that link back to them. I hope they will reconsider. Please let me know if there is anything I should sign, etc.

Vlad Bjornson's picture
28 Jul200813:22
Vlad Bjornson (not verified)

I just recently started using Vimeo a couple of weeks ago. Love it! Such a positive community of creative folks. I was a bit worried when I read that blog post, thinking that many creative SL (and other) Machinima pieces might get the axe. I'll pop over to the Vimeo forums and put in my L$2 in support of SL vids. Hopefully the upload moderators will err on the side of caution and allow the community to help them decide what is gameplay and what is a creative use of Machinima.

Opensource Obscure's picture
28 Jul200818:28
Opensource Obscure (not verified)

I have two friends in SL whose accounts and videos have been removed by blip.tv for similar reasons. I don't consider blip.tv (nor Vimeo, obviously) a safe place for my videos anymore.

Rhianon Jameson's picture
29 Jul200800:51
Rhianon Jameson (not verified)

I am perhaps most outraged at the designation "game." If you prick us, do we not bleed? (Well, perhaps not so much.) If you wrong us, shall we not revenge? (From what I've observed, quite.) A game? I consider what my typist does to be a game, the purpose of which is, however, not entirely clear. I engage in Living!


Hotspur's picture
04 Sep200800:28
Hotspur (not verified)

BLIP.TV won't host gaming videos? Drat, I had such a good opinion of that service-- I use them to stream Marx Brothers movies in world, and was hoping to do the same with a larger machinima project I am working on. Oh well, glad I found that out before I lost anything critical.

I wonder what the objection is? Are the reasons discussed ANYwhere?

Ordinal Malaprop's picture
08 Sep200818:28
Ordinal Malaprop (not verified)

Well, as usual they do say they will allow "machinima", and the Blessed Torley seems to be permitted to use it, but then the Blessed Torley has the protection of the Angels of the Laboratory. It seems something of a risk to take.

I note on one of the Vimeo discussion threads that somebody is already reporting that they have had a piece deleted, which they say _did_ have a "story" and was not just game footage.

Capt. Red's picture
14 Nov200803:02
Capt. Red (not verified)

his this been resolved? i can't access Vimeo at my university due to strict MP3 streaming firewall issues... might i suggest that if any of your “machinima” movies are of an instructive or educational nature that you upload them to TeacherTube.
~Capt. Red