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A Restriction of the Youth

I am concerned to read that the Second Life Fifth Birthday Celebrations (or SL5B for short - whilst long-winded I am rarely masochistic) may well be banning those with Child-Like Appearance from exhibiting. (See also here and further posts on that Publication, as well as many other places.)

Whilst I would be very pleased were this not to be an accurate portrayal of the situation I am of the opinion at this time, given numerous confirming sources, that it is quite true.

I penned a short missive of outrage to my brother Cardinal earlier this evening, being constantly in the hope of perhaps reforming him, which ran thusly:

Dearest Brother: whilst we have frequently been in Disagreement about many Matters, I would hope that you would be as outraged as I to see the latest suggestions that Linden Laboratory were prohibiting those who care to appear as Children upon the Grid from producing Exhibits, regardless of their content! Surely this must contradict your oft-stated positions on the rights due to the Individual. There are clear Political Moves afoot by certain Politicians in the United States (as Mr Twain says, "the smallest minds and the selfishest souls and the cowardliest hearts that God makes") to demonise anything on the Aethernet with any connection to Children, but certainly at this time to actually portray a child is not illegal or prohibited in any way, and it falls to all persons with any sense in their blasted heads to reject this sort of nonsense as far as is humanly possible - terrible rubbish that will do nothing to protect any actual Child and perhaps even put them in more danger by distorting the risks in the Public Mind. I can see no reason whatsoever to kow-tow to the Prurience involved here, and indeed the fact that certain Political types and Journalists and suchlike cannot see the image of a Child engaged in Play and Enjoyment (or anything, really) without disgusting thoughts popping into their minds (such as they are) is really a matter that should be taken up with their Physicians, rather than indulged by the Legislature and Court of Public Opinion and certainly Linden Laboratory, a company composed of those whom I had thought to have more sense than this. The recent clarification that Child-Like Avatars will be permitted attend, but not exhibit, makes the situation even more ridiculous. Clearly the Prurient will take this as confirmation that the Laboratory is quite happy to promote all of the things in their imaginings, and it will simultaneously serve to confirm to the Childrenish concerned that they are not considered worthwhile, and in the category of the Second Class in Second Life.

I popped this into the Shepherds Bush to Whitechapel pneumatic tube array at my local Sorting Office, and was surprised to receive a rapid reply. Alas, he has learnt nothing.

Dear Sister, I was not much surprised to receive your latest missive, as you yourself have yet to grow up in your attitudes to the Real World. Little wonder that you sympathise with these odd types. Commerce and issues surrounding it are far more important than any of this nonsense about a few being told they cannot build their Fairgrounds or Candy-Floss Stands or whatever it is they do. Whilst it may be the case that there is no actual law involved, I fully support "LL"'s position here - they are taking the best decision to maximise their profits in the current political climate, and, to be quite frank, the group of folk concerned is negligible anyway.

Honestly. If he were not family. This, dear reader, is why I rarely speak to him, apart from his habit of frequently departing for foreign climes at odd hours of the night in order to avoid the Law.

My family correspondence aside, I really am rather perturbed by all this, and, if I did actually have a stake in the events, would be withdrawing it until such time as this were all straightened out. I do not, this year, but rest assured it will not be forgotten.


Tinsel Silvera's picture
31 May200804:55
Tinsel Silvera (not verified)

I too was appalled Miss Ordinal when I read this latest development. As you know, being a resident in absentia of the New Babbage community, I count many of the Steampunk Kids as my friends. If my recollection serves me, I believe Loki did an amazing build at last years birthday bash. To think that these Kids will no longer be allowed representation is very sad.

Ordinal Malaprop's picture
31 May200805:04
Ordinal Malaprop (not verified)

Mr Elliot's contributions to any event involving Building should certainly serve as an example as to the sort of thing being irrationally excluded here.

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31 May200811:44
And The Sign Said, “______ Need Not Apply” « Evans Avenue Ex (not verified)

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Child avatars . . . and BDSM . . . and Gor . . . and?'s picture
31 May200823:31
Child avatars . . . and BDSM . . . and Gor . . . and? (not verified)

[...] the meantime, I’ll join my voice to that of Ordinal Malaprop, Marianne McCann and Loki Eliot, Dusan Writer, Daniel Regenbogen, Erbo Evans and many, many others [...]

‘Children’ not welcome at SL5B | VintFalken.com's picture
01 Jun200806:30
‘Children’ not welcome at SL5B | VintFalken.com (not verified)

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Barbwiring a Birthday Event « Gany’s take on (any) Life's picture
01 Jun200821:02
Barbwiring a Birthday Event « Gany’s take on (any) Life (not verified)

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Everett Linden's picture
04 Jun200810:06
Everett Linden (not verified)

Hey Ordinal, I want to make sure to address you directly. You've seen today's post, and left an intriguing comment.

"I am trying to read this undoubtedly fine entry, but there appears to be a large elephant in the room, which is blocking my view."

Is your view still blocked? If so, can you describe the elephant so I can take aim?

Katt Linden's picture
05 Jun200804:00
Katt Linden (not verified)

Pardon me, Miss Malaprop.

I was startled to hear reports of a rather large pachyderm on the loose, and on setting out to track it down found it, eventually, in your front hall.

I took the liberty of coaxing it outside again (sorry about the flowers in that lovely vase) and down the road and back to its barn.

I've done some repairs on your front gate as well, if you don't look too closely it does seem to be standing straight again.

My apologies, and I thank you for your patience,

Miss Katt Linden