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An Illustration of the Cosmology of the Grid

I have noticed that there does still seem to be some Confusion amongst Residents as to precisely the relationships between Linden Laboratorye, the Grid itself, other Parts and also the Broader Aethernet, which does seem to be causing Misapprehensions as to the origins and behaviour of certain Aspects and Components.

I am always of a bent to properly Explain the Technical Nature of how these things operate, and for that purpose I have prepared a small diagram of the Cosmology of the Grid and Second Life, which I hope will prove useful. No doubt other Grid-Cosmological Types will have disagreements with the Details, but I believe that the basic structure is sound. Please excuse the poor handwriting.

Grid cosmology version 1

(Let it not be said, of course, that this is more than a Descriptive Diagram, by no means Normative - we have been placed in our Spheres, and perhaps this is not Just or Fair.)

Second Lie's picture
28 Apr200800:53
Second Lie (not verified)

Thank you for your wonderful engineering specifications for our long-awaited stabilization project for the grid.

We have coded your flow diagram and will begin the rollout of the code shortly.

Please stand by. Or, preferrably, in a well-secured fallout shelter.

Porsupah Ree's picture
28 Apr200801:20
Porsupah Ree (not verified)

This is, I'm quite certain, destined shortly to wind up on the walls of 945 Battery Street.

But is the Love Machine a subset of Torley, or vice versa?

Herald Jonson's picture
28 Apr200801:47
Herald Jonson (not verified)

Great job! Hilarious; I especially like the dotted line depicting Communication.

Scott McMillin's picture
28 Apr200802:25
Scott McMillin (not verified)

Simply awesome.

Elfod Nemeth's picture
28 Apr200803:28
Elfod Nemeth (not verified)

I laughed greatly at facelights and quaternions, but sadly it's so true.

RobinLinden's picture
28 Apr200803:31
RobinLinden (not verified)

Definitely destined to go on the wall. And I'm going to make it a challenge to turn that dotted line into a solid one -- that goes both ways. :)

Tenebrous Pau's picture
28 Apr200804:13
Tenebrous Pau (not verified)

Fantastic! Someone has too much time on their hands :P

Prokofy Neva's picture
28 Apr200804:57
Prokofy Neva (not verified)

Great scholarly work!

I need enlightenment about what Facelights are. You mean those thingies that people buy to keep their avatar's face lit up?

Brenda Archer's picture
28 Apr200805:01
Brenda Archer (not verified)

LOL, this was great and I learned much. :))

Ordinal Malaprop's picture
28 Apr200805:01
Ordinal Malaprop (not verified)

Those are the ones; the things which make your face look a certain way, but everything else look an entirely different way.

Kisa Naumova's picture
28 Apr200805:11
Kisa Naumova (not verified)

You missed out Torley, propping it all up with an enthusiastic stick

Sean Heying's picture
28 Apr200805:50
Sean Heying (not verified)

Hopefully you mean Sexual Ageplayers in your Hell section and not just Ageplayers.

It is not against the TOS to be an ageplayer (ie: a child avatar) it is against the TOS to engage in sexual ageplay.

ArminasX Saiman's picture
28 Apr200807:38
ArminasX Saiman (not verified)

Finally someone has revealed the truth of all this! Great work, OM! Also, I notice that the "Asset Server" has been appropriately placed in the lowest level of Hell.

Ordinal Malaprop's picture
28 Apr200818:17
Ordinal Malaprop (not verified)

The subject of "ageplayers" has actually come up already, and one might take said reference in one or both of two ways; either as a specific reference to sexual ageplayery, or a small piece of black humour regarding the widespread prejudice against all sorts of Avatars Of Restricted Height. Or both. Certainly there is not necessarily Justice in Hell, apart from the clicky-clacky shoes part, and it does not correspond strictly to Things That Are Banned.

Edward Pearse's picture
28 Apr200820:36
Edward Pearse (not verified)

Personally I would have put the spammer into hell before the clicky-clacky shoes. I did like the descriptive details for Twitter though. :-)

Mycroft Undercroft's picture
29 Apr200800:41
Mycroft Undercroft (not verified)

Miss Malaprop

As a new explorer of this world, I appreciate the informative guide. With the advent of teleportation, it occurred to me thata physical mapping of our universe would be less than useful, but this illustrates the deeper understand needed to deal with the whole of Creation. I shall pay particular attention as i approach the border countries.

Be well and much thanks for the gifts of your studies.

Ari Blackthorne's picture
29 Apr200805:00
Ari Blackthorne (not verified)

Oh no, Ordinal!

No, no, no! I suspect first a cease and desist letter, followed quickly with being served a summons, then the gentleman in white coats coming to take you away.

All for releasing Linden Lab's 'industry secrets' into the wild, viewable by the public at large and their very competition!

I'll miss you, hun.

Botgirl Questi's picture
01 May200802:47
Botgirl Questi (not verified)


Laetizia Coronet's picture
02 May200814:14
Laetizia Coronet (not verified)

In pure Flickr style I would give this my Personal Seal of Approval and invite you to my Group. But this aint no Flickr.
It sure as hell is funny though...

Nexii Malthus's picture
02 May200821:54
Nexii Malthus (not verified)

Lol, awesome. xD

I do not agree with quaternions being placed in Hell, in my view it would be euler angles that'd be in Hell. Gimbal lock is painful.

hexx Triskaidekaphobia's picture
06 May200816:52
hexx Triskaidekaphobia (not verified)

This, dear Ms. Malaprop, should be stuck on a prim and made available all across the Grid. I will see to it that this happens. Thank you for your great work!

Silas Scarborough's picture
07 May200804:57
Silas Scarborough (not verified)

Absolutely priceless!

I can't wait for the Hubble shots of the SL music 'industry'! However, depending on the perspective, it might be difficult to capture as, turned on end, it would be almost impossible to image.

Linden Lab Cloud < Money Money > Performers > Illicit RL recreational drugs

There appears to be a minor planet orbiting the venue owners and it's possible there is a small money flow toward the Venue Owners in tips from concert-goers.

Silas Scarborough's picture
07 May200805:00
Silas Scarborough (not verified)

Sorry, the previous got interpreted as HTML. I apologize for the appearance of spam but I cannot alter the previous entry.

Linden Lab Cloud gets Money from Venue Owner Cloud gives money Performers buy illicit RL recreational drugs

It looked cooler the other way - lol

Vint Falken's picture
31 May200822:20
Vint Falken (not verified)

LMAO on the 'rubbish' twitter. =d

Tabliopa Underwood's picture
30 Jun200817:56
Tabliopa Underwood (not verified)

Tis a fine day in Hell =p

*clickety-clack clickety-clack*