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Griefbuild Digest, Again

I recently rediscovered a Flickr group that I created some time ago for the posting of pictures of the sort of harassing, usually advertising, builds that plague the Mainland and cause all sorts of heated discussion on the Official Forums. Given that I spent a little while writing a Description that supposedly sums up its nature and purpose, I shall simply repost it here:

Griefing builds in Second Life, designed to make neighbours give up and move elsewhere or give up and buy the plot to get rid of the horrible spinning thing. Usually advertising, though not always.

All screenshots should include location (doesn't have to be exact, as long as somebody could find the plot again) and name of the item's owner, ideally gained by taking a screenshot that includes the Edit window. This is to provide an undeniable record of the activity, though if it is a series of different pictures of the same piece of ad griefing, only one piece of evidence is required.

(You can use the PrintScreen button in Windows, or Shift+Cmd+4 on a Mac to include parts of the Second Life UI, or some other screenshot program. I use SnapzProX myself, and if you have FRAPS installed, that should work too.)

Due to the nature of the ad/griefing builds posted here, this can't help but be an 18+ group, even if the actual content on them is at about a 14-year-old level of sophistication.

Lastly - this isn't a group for just any ugly build. (One could find endless pictures from SL.) It is just for pictures of builds which are clearly being used for unwelcome advertising, to bring down land prices, force people to sell, annoy them enough that they buy the land, or just by cretinous advertising networks who don't care how much they annoy neighbours. Pretty much anything that is on a 16m2 plot that's been set for sale is going to fit in, I would think. Oh, and the ads should be long-term ones, not just temporary griefing objects left on somebody else's land - while those are horrible enough, they don't have the same motivations.

One can find the group at:


Please do join and post any horrible examples you wish to! As noted, the naming of names is strongly encouraged - if the owner disagrees that their build constitutes ad griefing or land spam, well, the evidence is there for anyone to inspect, and onlookers can decide for themselves.

I suspect that there might be quite some Drama involved should this become a popular group, but at the least, it will serve some purpose in cataloguing the dizzying variety of different aliases used by these scoundrels. If one sees one of the names mentioned around the Grid, and agrees that their build is indeed a griefing one, do not sell to or deal with that person or their group! And most certainly, do not sell them land, if that was not obvious.

I have been attempting to put together an entry on the recent Banking Regulational Activity from the Lab, but it is a complex issue - not "complex" in the fence-sitting, "on the one hand, on the other hand" way, but complex in that it takes quite a bit of work to say precisely what one means without simplifying economic issues in the way that the Toy Capitalists themselves do. Ad griefers, land spammers, polluters of the visual space, though, there is very little to be said apart from "these are the filthy swine concerned, avoid them at all costs and don't give them any money". It is certainly not worth bothering to reason with them, as almost universally they are proud of the fact that they can carry on their "business" safe in the knowledge that they are defended by physical law here, when in the Other World they would have their rubbish torn down in the middle of the night by outraged neighbours at the very least. There is little that one can do at the moment upon the Grid, but what can be done should.

My commentary regarding Banking shall be simply the following cheap piece of graffiti:

Mr Philip Linden visits the Financial Centres of the Grid, yesterday

As a further note: a further entry on certain pictures having been Removed can be found here.

Second Life Screenshots, the

Second Life Screenshots, the DMCA and Ad Extortion -- I want a takedown notice!...

My friend RubyMae, who is active in the Flickr community, pointed me to a discussion thread by another Second Life resident Ordinal Malaprop (who makes th

Sofian's picture
10 Jan200806:59
Sofian (not verified)

Hi Ordinal,
I just joined your group and will try to remember it in the future when I see an ugly build intended to ad griefing or land spam!
The problem is that your blog is too perfect and does not interest enough people, I think, so that there is a substantial effect to eradicate the vermin.
Your collection of photos is impressive, it shows the poor taste of people, but is also shows that Second Life is often a mirror of our tangible world.
I will try to contribute the best I can, but I must admit I often do not even notice these eyesores, now I will be more careful!
Keep on doing the great job with your blog, I don’t understand everything but it’s not important after all, I don’t understand too much of Second Life and nevertheless I am still here.

Alyx Sands's picture
10 Jan200811:30
Alyx Sands (not verified)

Ordinal, the drama has already begun! I've never seen anyone on the forums post a silly "legal" threat as fast as that before...

Ordinal Malaprop's picture
10 Jan200811:32
Ordinal Malaprop (not verified)

Yes - it was a disappointingly amateur one, though, unfortunately. Still, I live in hope.

Sean McDunnough's picture
10 Jan200812:04
Sean McDunnough (not verified)

I must say - the image of Philip as Jesus driving the money-lenders from the temple is sheer brilliance!

Sofian's picture
10 Jan200821:35
Sofian (not verified)

I disagree with Alyx, sorry...

I think there are not enough bold people in Second Life able to make things change when these things are wrong.

I myself took the risk on the SLProfiles blog to name people that spammed me with friendship offers that I systematically refused; I could be banned from this community, because it's against the community policy, but I don't care.

Sometimes you have to take some risks (though relative risks, your life is not at stake) so that bad behaviors can be addressed.

I keep on fully supporting you Ordinal!

Alyx Sands's picture
10 Jan200823:19
Alyx Sands (not verified)

Sofian, you misunderstood me totally! I was making fun of the fact that as fast as Ordinal put up the post about the group, some half-wit comes and posts "legal" threats. I fully support Ordinal's efforts here!

Sofian's picture
11 Jan200803:29
Sofian (not verified)

Sorry Alyx!
I should read more carefully next time, but my English is not perfect and sometimes I "miss the point"...
It's also why I like Ordinal's blog, it makes me do more effort to understand "good" English!

The Grid Live » Second Life News for January 12, 2008's picture
12 Jan200818:36
The Grid Live » Second Life News for January 12, 2008 (not verified)

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rikomatic's picture
18 Jan200808:21
rikomatic (not verified)

I've posted my own version of the offending screenshot: http://flickr.com/photos/rikomatic/2200733294

Stand firm, Ordinal.

Edward Pearse's picture
22 Jan200816:53
Edward Pearse (not verified)

It seems the group is by invitation only or something?

I get the message "This group is not available to you."

Ordinal Malaprop's picture
22 Jan200818:56
Ordinal Malaprop (not verified)

Hmm, as long as you are signed in and all that, and you do not have some block on joining "18+" groups, there should not be a problem... if there continue to be issues please do let me know.

Second Life Alliance Against Ugly Builds « paintings and ram's picture
23 Jan200800:38
Second Life Alliance Against Ugly Builds « paintings and ram (not verified)

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hexx Triskaidekaphobia's picture
23 Jan200800:44
hexx Triskaidekaphobia (not verified)

Ms. Malaprop, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

also on behalf of the SL Alliance Against Ugly Builds (Imprest HQ),

hexx Triskaidekaphobia

An Engine Fit For My Proceeding · Further Offensive Advertis's picture
23 Jan200802:19
An Engine Fit For My Proceeding · Further Offensive Advertis (not verified)

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Edward Pearse's picture
23 Jan200815:22
Edward Pearse (not verified)

Ah it seems I had some sort of safesearch activated. Gods save me from censors.

Excellent Commentary: SL’s new Banking Policy « Samurai Pick's picture
25 Feb200809:37
Excellent Commentary: SL’s new Banking Policy « Samurai Pick (not verified)

[...] is ever likely to see.  It’s a minor part (a paragraph or two) at the end of the "Griefbuild Digest, Again" post, which is itself worth reading to absorb a bit of the character with which Ordinal [...]

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09 Jan200909:00
Linden Lab en route to Hell, at last (not verified)

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