A Product: the Ordinal Howdah Pistol

Far be it for me to make any sort of appalling "new year new product" sort of references, particularly given that there is no such thing, to be quite frank, as a "new" product from Ordinal Enterprises - every piece of frippery that you see emerging has usually been loitering unreleased in my mind and inventory for months and occasionally, for instance in the case of the Swordstick, for over a year. Though never over two years, I believe.

An Idea bubbles to the surface of the peculiar caffeinated swamp of my mind, there is a brief flurry of activity, it approaches finality: and then something or other intervenes, or I spend several months changing the colour of a texture between two imperceptibly different shades, or I set myself a necessary task for its improvement before release which I clearly do not have the time to do and thus can avoid without personal guilt (unless I look too hard into my own motivations). I am led to believe that I am not the only Artisan with these Issues, and I am engaging on a Scientific Regimen of Mental Exercise in an attempt to restrict it in the Future, or at least I will be once I create the proper Folder Structure to file my exercise notes in.

In the meantime, I do actually have a product that I would like to announce - the Ordinal Howdah Pistol - and as is common in this day and age, it has its own Demonstrative Cinema, though I shall place it in the Extended Portion of this journal entry since I dislike the aesthetic effect of numerous of the things on my Front Page.

The Ordinal Howdah Pistol from Ordinal Malaprop on Vimeo.

I believe that the above gives a flavour of quite what the Howdah Pistol is and does, but should you require further...

It is, of course, available from my Caledon Shop as well, though if you have read my last Entry you will be aware that this can, currently, be A Little Tricky To Locate if one is not Experienced and has not Been There Before.

» Ordinal Malaprop is an Angel of Hope's picture
04 Jan200804:54
» Ordinal Malaprop is an Angel of Hope (not verified)

[...] Ordinal has delivered a fine device to make any child think twice about grubbing in the garden.   [...]

Bettina Tizzy's picture
05 Feb200804:27
Bettina Tizzy (not verified)

Well, I was as slow as molasses getting to this and - admittedly, even unaware that this was fixable. I can see that I'm going to have to stop dismissing bugs as the "glitch of the day," and learning more about JIRA. And speaking of bugs and fixes, I am making excellent use of my remaining humbugs by blowing myself up for the benefit of those who cannot see me in Windlight at certain elevations. Thank you for that, Ordinal.

Nikita Weymann's picture
20 Jul200811:07
Nikita Weymann (not verified)

I have just purchased and tested this device, and I am quite pleased with it. It will come in very handy for protecting my Elephant.