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SVC-1125 and Crumpets

I began to write an entry on the following issue yesterday, but quickly found that it was degenerating into a number of personal anecdotes and supposedly-witty commentary when it should have been short and to the... oh stop it! You are doing the same thing again! pulls self together This is a New Feature Of The World of which you should be aware and for the fixing of which I suggest that you vote.

The issue is SVC-1125: Inter-sim teleports do not provide a red beacon unless made directly from the main map, so sims without point to point TP are disadvantaged (though there are other similar ones around) and the further description is pretty much, well, that. To sum the matter up, as I see it:

  • Teleporting by any mechanism apart from clicking on the World Map to get a red circle and then going there, or by selecting "Show On Map" from a window before using it to teleport, does not provide a red beacon and arrow to the destination any more. This includes landmarks, SLURLs, the use of llMapDestination, secondlife:// links, and the New Search.

  • People who teleport into an area which has a Landing Point set will still arrive at that point.

  • But they will not have a beacon to their destination.

  • Therefore they will not be able to find their destination easily. They would actually have to track it down by comparing the X, Y and Z co-ordinates of the landmark to their current ones, fly around aimlessly in the hope of seeing a sign, ask for directions, or, far more likely, go somewhere else. Experienced and dedicated visitors will likely find a way but even they may simply give up, and the casual browser or visitor will simply pop somewhere else if unable to find the spot that they came to see. (Customers would quite frequently ask how to find my shop with red beacons available.)

  • This means that landmarks and SLURLs and so on are now pretty much useless in any region or parcel that has a landing point set. This is actually more places than one might think. Not only does it encompass many islands such as Caledon, Babbage and so on, it also affects such large parcelled establishments as malls and shopping centres upon the Mainland.

  • The whole thing is therefore a serious matter for anyone who owns property in a region with a landing point and wishes others to find it - or for that matter wishes to be able to find it themselves.

This matter seems to affect the latest Client (1.18.5) and more recent Candidate Software; previous to that one still has the Beacon Capability, but one must always assume that the most recent release version is being used.

I am sure that this is a mere oversight that can be fixed with a miniscule tweaking of the underlying gears, and everyone can go happily home for tea and crumpets (perhaps to the bakery first, which they will be able to easily find). In the meantime though I would reiterate that it is worthwhile to vote for SVC-1125, to ensure that crumpets are forthcoming within a convenient length of time. That is SVC-1125, by the way.

Dead of the Beacon?... ...

Dead of the Beacon?...


Patchouli Woollahra's picture
30 Dec200700:53
Patchouli Woollahra (not verified)

Whoever caused issue SVC-1125 seems to have forgotten that yeah, some Residents DO still force telehubbing on their private islands. This doesn't happen at all on the mainland anymore, so it may have become something that was overlooked.

Voted and Watched here.

pia_qi's picture
30 Dec200704:57
pia_qi (not verified)

Thank you so much for pointing out that this is a bug and not just me going senile or insane or something.

Day Oh's picture
30 Dec200706:06
Day Oh (not verified)

I voted at full force.

I think it's a VWR issue and nothing to do with SVC though.

Thanks for bringing this up, I haven't been spending much time in-world lately. (:

shifzr's picture
31 Dec200701:36
shifzr (not verified)

Caledon NEEDS to allow point-to-point teleport. period.

CronoCloud Creeggan's picture
31 Dec200703:10
CronoCloud Creeggan (not verified)

The bug bit me, wondered what was going on. I'm old enough to compare co ords, but it's deucedly annoying. Thanks for bringing the jira number to my attention

Fleep's picture
31 Dec200709:37
Fleep (not verified)

Ditto other comments in that I was confused and thought I was losing my mind, glad to know it's not just me. Voting now. =)

An Engine Fit For My Proceeding · A Product: the Ordinal How's picture
01 Jan200822:43
An Engine Fit For My Proceeding · A Product: the Ordinal How (not verified)

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