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Jam Tomorrow, Jam Today

Some Marmalade (not Jam)

The talented Mr Nicholaz Beresford has a critical and apropos response to his Majesty Philip's recent missive, "Long Road Behind, Long Road Ahead", in which he makes a telling point.

The other bit of irony in it is the title of the post: "Long Road Behind, Long Road Ahead." Philip certainly is a visionary and his vision is surely what made SecondLife possible in the first place. But it occurred to me recently, that a lot of friction and frustration between Linden Lab and the SecondLife residents may be caused through a difference in focus.

I do not want to go into the spiritual or philosophical arena too much, but there are many schools of thought who are beginning to discover that happiness is rooted in the here and now while constant focus on the future or past tends to create angst, frustration and dissatisfaction.

SL Residents naturally are focusing on their experience right here right now. Personal tolerance levels obviously differ, but nobody can live on a vision of a better tomorrow if tomorrow never comes.


Some Marmalade (not Jam)

One of the things that I have learnt particularly from my experiences upon the Grid, as well as on the Aethernet in recent years, is the importance of actually having things that work, regardless of whether or not I have fixed it myself for my own purposes. In my previous employ I was somewhat separate from those who actually used the derivatives of the work that I was doing.

Within Second Life, I find that being a "Creator" focusses the mind wonderfully. Anyone who has a problem with something that I have developed may contact me whilst I am having a cup of tea and reading the paper to tell me that something is not working, and they are not impressed if I say "oh well, I have solved that problem, but I just have not gotten around to putting it on sale - I shall do at some point, really". Similarly if they see that something does not work when used by another, they will simply not buy it. A Customer is far harder to fool than a Boss, who may be bamboozled with justifications, presentations and careful Passing of the Buck, and is already contracted to pay one in any case. A Customer looks at the final product and thinks either "this works, I will buy it" or "this does not work, I will not".

As well as this, both upon the Grid and outside in the broader area of Modern Aethernet Services, a "Vaporous" product might as well not exist. Whilst quite a lot can be done with Hype and Spin, particularly in the case of the commercial world of Second Life, the products which exist are the ones which sell and which people are impressed by. One can see the importance of this by looking at the giant Entities of the Aethernet and the Difference Engine. Take, for example, the great and powerful Google, a firm of world-spanning importance and ability, which continually releases new Services, some of which may not work perfectly initially but which do actually exist. The concept of a "perpetual beta" is something of a running joke but it has the principle behind it that having something is better than not having something (unless that something is actually so catastrophically wrong that it makes one look like an incompetent fool).


Some Marmalade (not Jam)

So: apart from its obvious and highly convenient function of allowing me to pay my Rent and purchase sundry Hats, the running of Ordinal Enterprises has proved most beneficial in terms of Mental Discipline as well, teaching me as it has to concentrate on achieving goals that are tangible to others rather than faffing about with scripts to no real purpose. I certainly do faff about with scripts - I find it enjoyable, and it is "Blue Sky" research that often assists in the future and trains the mind - but without concentrating upon someone else's eventual experience one really does not achieve much in the commercial world. Similarly if I fix a problem with a product I am now much more motivated to implement that fix in the released version of that product and get it out to Purchasers as soon as possible, since otherwise, the only person who is impressed is me myself, and whilst I can pay myself as much money as I like, that process is valuable only to Economists.

It seems to me peculiar, then, that in the case of Second Life development, we have many items upon the JIRA which clearly have fixes - and I am sure that they are very good fixes, I have great confidence in the skills of the Linden Demigods as they continue their Hephaestian toil, as well as those bold souls outside of Lindenage who contribute - but not actually a sniff of those fixes when it comes down to it. I am reminded of such issues as VWR-418 Particle burst quality fades - fixed months ago, yet apparently only to appear in the new Windlight viewer - or VWR-2046 Focus is sent to menu/money/notification window, which sounds innocuous but is a major component of Griefing Attacks.

I did post recently the meta-issue WEB-380 "Fixed Internally" should not appear as "Resolved" in JIRA; voting should continue, that issues on the JIRA should not be marked as "Resolved" when merely "Fixed Internally" rather than "Fixed", on the basis that the issues were issues with the Viewer or the World, and thus until they were fixed in the Viewer or the World they were not actually resolved. This, though, would not necessarily increase the frequency of fixes finding their way into final Releases, it would just clarify their exact status.

The fact is that there simply is no Second Afterlife where one will receive one's rewards for patience and piety. I hate to shatter any myths, but we must be hard-headed rational Folk of Science here - the neophyte will certainly not believe. I have great confidence in the skills and dedication of Laboratoire Linden, based on inductive reasoning and speaking to several, but the New Resident will not - and even I have doubts when it comes to issues which have not found their way into a Release. They may well do at some point but one cannot rely on that; cue the "when Havok n arrives" figure of speech, still applicable even now that a Havok 4 client exists. And regardless of whether people have confidence or not, they may not care if they find that their everyday experience is not being concentrated on, regardless of the Long View.

And it would be a great shame, because I do love the World, and the World is its People, and I wish to see the most People involved for both general benefit and for theirs. It is not for everyone, but it is not as if everyone who enters the Grid and says "this is not for me" would be better off buying appalling clothes in the World Of Kaneva or shooting people entirely un-ironically as part of America's Army. The "road ahead" is all very well, but the immediate must be addressed.

We live here, today. « Sin Trenton's picture
26 Nov200706:27
We live here, today. « Sin Trenton (not verified)

[...] sincerely recommend you reading both Ordinal Malaprop’s reflections  and the original post by Nicholaz Beresford. [...]

Klaus Wulfenbach, Baron's picture
28 Nov200710:57
Klaus Wulfenbach, Baron (not verified)

Very well said, Ritterin Ordinal. One hopes that the appropriate people will read this and pass it upwards.


Klaus Wulfenbach